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About: HVAC Tech, Systems Admin, Furry, geek, gothy. I Run mirriads of server things but mainly host IRC networks and play games, a wanabe artist ( i need to get out of my artist block in both traditional/digital and 3d media) i spent to much time listening to a certain Demon Shadow Wolf XD, Ive been in the Gaming Industry for quite a while now... as both a alpha/beta tester professionally since as early as 93-94, an Ex Verant & SOE Employee where my main game was EQ1 which i was stationed to. Other then that.. find me if you want to chat more. my persona is a Hyena of a colorful nature.
Interests: Furry, Computers in all its fields though mostly Hardware and Networking, my friends, relaxing, IRC cant get enough of that. being a wanabe artist, Building/Hosting special servers for what ever reason be it opencanvas servers or Drawpile. Graphics Design programs (though not all good at it i can break em if they got bugs thats fer sure!), Alpha/Beta testing to much to list.
Joined: Thursday, August 26, 2010 10:54pm

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