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About Antilia

The Isle of Kasau

Each new character in Antilia currently begins their adventure on the Isle of Kasau.

Points of Interest

Taipii Base Camp

The Taipii Base Camp is a safe haven at night, offers good fresh-water fishing, as well as several tent sites.

Takadynn: Yes

Work Stations: Pot, Grill, Whittling Station, Anvil

Shops: Fishing Gear (Torliila), Campsite Gear (Kaliilou), Mining Tools (Sakouv)

Resources: Cooking Ingredients (in crates and jugs), Fishing Gear (near Torliila)

Taipii Shipwreck

The shipwreck where the Taipii adventurers ran aground in a storm.

Takadynn: Yes

Mining Camp

The mining camp was set up at the mouth of an entrance to The Deep, and contains a smelting station.

Takadynn: No

Work Stations: Smelting

Shops: Metal Ingots (Poujo)

Resources: Copper Vein

Tangled Land

The Tangled Land stretches along the Northwestern side of the island, and is filled with dangerous enemies day and night.

Takadynn: Yes

Resources: Fakala Root

Moivalau Forest

The Moivalau forest is a large mushroom forest near the Southern center of the island.

Takadynn: Yes

Resources: Mushrooms

Maulei Beach

Maulei Beach is a beautiful campground at the edge of a lagoon, and is a good place for salt-water fishing.

Takadynn: Yes

Work Stations: Pot, Grill

Shops: Clothing (Kiicha)

Resources: Cooking Ingredients

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