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Post-release financing model and fees


Jen: 10
I apologise if it's there and I missed it after two read-throughs (though that'd also be a problem in and of itself), but the game's Kickstarter page doesn't appear to mention what the game's post-release monetisation model is, nor (if subscription) how much it would cost per-month. You can deduce some sort of subscription model from backer rewards, but even then it's not clear as plenty of F2P games have a sub on top.

I realise one can ask on these forums, but with a Kickstarter I don't feel that's good enough, many people don't even read the full KS page, let alone do research on projects before deciding to back or close the tab. I like that there's a financial breakdown of where the KS funds go, however not having a clear indication of what sort of (pay-wise) MMO it will be on release makes me hesitant to drop money on a project.

Please don't take this as a request to be convinced (I'm planning on funding it regardless, just not decided on a tier yet) but a suggestion on how to improve the KS page. If I were not familiar with the project and some of the people involved these issues would have dissuaded me from funding the project for fear of getting swindled with unstated fees.
Thursday, December 19, 2013 7:52am

Jen: 11
It's buried on the forums.

I couldn't find it until it was pointed out to me in a chat:

As far as we are currently aware, it's $30 for 6-months, $50 for a year for the subscription. At least, what they are currently considering.

Quote by Jeff Leigh:
As a niche game with a potentially limited audience size, our cost-per-player is higher than very large mmo's which benefit more from economy of scale. We have thus dropped the idea of a one-time fee for Antilia, and instead adopted a model whereby 30 buys 6-Months of access, and a year of access can be purchased for 50. We really want Antilia to continue to grow past the Kickstarter, without needing to re-raise funds for each new expansion. With this model, we hope to continue growing our dev team post-Kickstarter and simply continue expanding the game into Lynnar, Chalei, Alenfay, Ariiel, and Talikus.... with the Sakii and Reisuii being introduced along the way.

(Dollar signs removed in quote since forum can't parse it properly apparently.)

Thursday, December 19, 2013 8:20am

Jen: 94
I agree this information should be available on the kickstarter page. The backer rewards indeed give a bit of an idea that there will be some sort of subscription but there needs to be more clarity. I'm pretty sure it's just and oversight of the devs though, as they are always very transparent (as the breakdown of budget on the kickstarter shows for example)
Thursday, December 19, 2013 10:09am
English isn't my first language so sorry for any mistakes.
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Lead Developer
Jen: M
I'll add that information to the Kickstarter page, yeah.

Update: Information added.
Thursday, December 19, 2013 11:08am
Jeff Leigh - Lead Developer - Right Brain Games

Jen: 10
Cheers guys, always heartening to see a developer listening.
Friday, December 20, 2013 3:11am

Jen: 106
Quote by Unciaa:
Cheers guys, always heartening to see a developer listening.

One-in-a-million, as they say.
Friday, December 20, 2013 4:01am
Sly da' Talikus aka LongSly
I will mallet all who question me! O.O
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