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Ideas for the New RP


Jen: 10
This is how it goes: i put up ideas. whoever wants to be in the RP votes for which one they think best. I choose the winner by counting the votes.

* Taipii meet together at a bar and they all have an interest in finding out how they got to Antilia.(should be real hard and i don't know if Jeff will think its alright but ill leave it be until Jeff says otherwise and if no one votes for it then Hasta la Vista)

*The Taipii all meet together in a strange part of a wood which they feel they've been drawn to by fate. Then they find clues to an ancient lost civilization that thrived in Antilia before the Taipii came and they follow the clues on a journey because they all want to go on an adventure.(sounds corny but it could be added to a part of the lore somehow.)

(Cant think of anything else becuz of mass production of ideas in my head. Will post others later and players can help with ideas)
(personally i like the first one but its gonna be hard and the second one should be easy so thats wat i came up with)
Wednesday, September 28, 2011 1:16pm
"The only thing to be scared of in life is the unknown."

Jen: 10
Anyone want to vote here?
Thursday, September 29, 2011 6:06am
"The only thing to be scared of in life is the unknown."
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