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IRC to discuss Antilia?

Jen: 10
I would like to extend our irc server to community of Antilia and its staff which can be reached at port 6667 ( SSL +6697 where avail). There is a list of servers at which will show which are SSL client capable. Hopefully things wont be all to buggy we've kinked out quite a bit of things With a Currently new change in network structure and also a complete Name change from what it used to be.

Please join the room #Antilia and hang out, of course this will be the first posting of this not many people will be sitting around in it so just hang out. Im sure there is a channel for Antilia out there on some other furry network but alot of folks dont wish to go to some of those bigger name networks for what ever reason, were new and still have that fresh car smell ((cough hack wheeze)). Good for folks on the run as well wishing to stay up to date (( i like to accesss irc via my phone or lappy)).

Anticipating the wait for the world to come in to play, to be honest id chew on someones tail for the chance to play with the mesh editor, designing programs makes me all giddy love to see what i could create from them ^.^
Friday, August 27, 2010 6:36am
ChaoticRealms Irc network: ports 6667 (server dns pool) furry friendly (well were mostly 'furs') SSL secure ports avail at +6697
#ChaoticRealms & #Cemetary_Manor where i be.
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