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Question of the week! (7/16/10)

Jen: 10
Alright guys, My mind is slow today so I'll just keep all the annoying commentary out and get right to the point...

Again, DNide4Evr gave me this one: What is the biggest problem you've ever had? Did you correct it or is it still staring you in the face?

My Answer: Well uh, mine's my inability to concentrate, and it's still goin on...

Also, if you have an idea for the next question of the week, post it with your answer and I might just use it for the next question, I'll make sure you get credit.
Friday, July 16, 2010 1:30pm
Game Master
Jen: 43
Mine, xbox live at home, our internet apperently will let me on, but i can't use messenger and can only play a few games, have I solved this, nope gave up.
Friday, July 16, 2010 3:57pm
"Envy the country that has heroes...pity the one that needs them" -Van Zan Reign of Fire
Demon Lord Ookami
Jen: 10
ever since my last girlfriend i tend to try to rush the people im interested in into a relationship which ends up in failure every time. i am very close to being able to solve that problem.
Saturday, July 17, 2010 8:57am
Jen: 10
Mine is my procrastination. I have always been a procrastinator, and I plan to stop... or maybe next week. In other words I am still a procrastinator, I have so many things I could do (write, read a good book, prepare for my next game) but no I am a procrastinator so I will just twiddle my thumbs.
Sunday, July 18, 2010 7:32pm
Jen: 10
Honestly? ...I'd rather not say.

Ah, screw it, I can't resist.

It's my compulsive lying. (Or is it?) Seriously, don't trust a word that comes out of my mouth...or, rather, my keyboard. (Or should you?)
Jen: 10
Quote by DNide4Evr:
Mine, xbox live at home, our internet apperently will let me on, but i can't use messenger and can only play a few games, have I solved this, nope gave up.

In regards to my quote: Since I'm a fan of Xbox Live, as well as a tester, I'm more than happy to help.

Your problem sounds like an NAT problem. I'd provide you with a link, but I suggest you go on and look at their guides on how to open ports for your individual router. Contact me via PM, if you need any help, or message my MSN at or my XFire at wolfdm3.

The Messenger issue could be related to your account's age. I know previously, child accounts could not access MSN messenger, until they added it as a parental option.

As to the thread discussion: My problem lies with my inability to learn more about coding. I always start learning, then stop again whenever I hit a brick wall.

Generally, my brick wall is developing client-piping for graphics system, whether it be DirectX or OpenGL. Sometimes, it is even related to networking of client to server, because I'm still trying to learn encryption methods and how to pass them between client and server.
Monday, July 19, 2010 12:32pm
Jen: 10
My classmates never shut up not my problem but it feels like it
Monday, July 19, 2010 3:17pm
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