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Introduce yourself ^__^ !

Jen: 10
Hi everyone! Its so great to see this page up and running and that the development of the game is continuing. And as one of this games aims is to build a strong and good player community I thought that a little introduction topic would be nice to get each other to know better. Also feel free to post information about your future Antilian
character if you want. I do know that it might be at this stage a bit early but I guess some people have already character concepts planed.

Name: Felidae
Gender: Male
Age: 29
From: Australia, QLD

Furry Fandom, MMORPGs, History (in particular ancient civilizations), WWI Aviation and Bi-Planes and anything to do with Fantasy and SiFi.

3 things I like:
-long bushwalks with my wife
-anthropomorphic art
-and Hungry Jacks Double Whopper with cheese minus tomato

3 things I dislike:
-people that do not desex their pets and let them stray around, contributing that way to the misery of thousands of unwanted puppies and kittens
-grind in MMORPGs
-hunting as a sporting activity or measure to control animal populations

My future Antilian character:
At first glance Felidae seems to be your typical "Felo" rogue, a thief and assassin only interested in amassing a fortune to sweeten his life with all the luxury that gold can buy. But underneath that facade he follows a greater goal as member of a secret society.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007 6:01am
Jen: 10
Name: Netsuye Ma'Kahest-Locke
Gender: Male
Age: 20
From: Georgia, Usa

Furry fandom, Dungeons and Dragons, video games (rpg, strategy,and fps are my favoites.), Magic the Gathering, 3d Modeling.

3 things I like:
- Loyalty
- Understanding
- Patience

3 things I dislike:
- Ignorance
- Stupidity
- Asshattery

My future Antilian character:
At first, i would like to play my fursona, Net. He is a wizard known for bumbling fire spells up and totally FUBARing everything in a 20ft. radius. Yeah. He wears sleeve-less robes for the sleeves would catch fire all too often. He usually wears red, intermingled with yellow and black, but he will wear any color combination that is garish enough. Though known for his fire spells, he isn't a pyromancer, most everyone forgets that and it annoys him. He is timid, reserved, and always looks at all angles of a social quarrel. If you manage to get him upset, he will be caustic, and wrathful, but he doesn't carry on for long, and has a mentality that everyone deserves forgiveness that wants it. To see how he integrates into antilian society shall be quite fun to see.
Tuesday, September 11, 2007 6:47am
Jen: 10
Name: Fawkes
Gender: Male
Age: 24
From: Alabamy!

Interests: Video games (all kinds), horror movies, building PCs (when I can afford to)

3 things I like: Animals, technology and animation

3 things I dislike: Stupidity, lack of respect towards others, and I can't really think of anything else that doesn't fall into the previous two's categories.

My future Antilian character: There hasn't really been enough information released for me to start planning anything. I'll probably start off with a Vulan. As per my other MMORPGs, it will probably be female, because if I'm going to be spending any long amount of time with a character, I'd rather be looking at female booty than male... lol
Tuesday, September 11, 2007 7:16am
Lead Developer
Jen: M
Just a couple quick things:
  • Don't forget to fill in your Profile.
  • You can click on the poster name in the forums to view their profile.
  • I can add any fields we want to the profile page, If you have a suggestion for additional things to appear on the profile page, throw it out in the Website Forum.

My name is Jeff, and I am a developer. I'm responsible for creating content, world design, the website, and keeping the project on track.

Art, 3D Modeling, Writing, Photography, World Design, Philosophy, Dreams, "Fantasy Stuff", and then some boring stuff like Project Management and Graphic Algorithms.

3 Things I Like:
- Stuff that inspires me - Epic Movies, Interesting Drawings, Dreams, Music, etc.
- Thinking Deep / Being Creative
- 'Deep' Conversations

3 Things I Dislike:
- Willingly ignorant, intolerant, apathetic, and/or lazy people - People that don't want the full picture, and don't want to make the right decision - especially when their decisions affect other people. Usually they like to play the blame game afterwards.
- Those days where you want to get things done, but just don't have any energy.
- People with amazing talents that won't put them to good use. (I understand sometimes they have psychological reasons why they can't, but it's still frustrating.)

My Future Antilian Character:
Pay no attention to the Felo behind the curtains.
Tuesday, September 11, 2007 10:17am
Jeff Leigh - Lead Developer - Right Brain Games
Yellow Mage

Jen: 10
The Felo behind the curtains is right about the profile thing: however, an introductory thread is pretty obligatory, no? I feel so, at least.

I am a Yellow Mage, master of sealing latent magics and bending them to my own will. Due to the very nature of magic being one's one will imposed upon the world, this can leave many who already aren't fond of me quite frustrated if they dare reveal thier enmity. My weapons specialty is in one-handed melee weaponry of various types: versatility is very important to me. I have many aliases, but until I've decided upon one for Antilia, I will just be known as the Yellow Mage.

For future reference, I am male. That is all you need to know about that.

Furry Fandom, MMORPGs, Pokemon (though I don't associate it with Furry), RPGs and Fantasy, most things Nintendo, randomness, mathematics, logic.

3 things I like:
- Nintendo's Wii & DS (as I said, versatility is very important to me)
- Most things Pokemon-related (all-time favorite? #037: Vulpix)
- Kind-hearted people

3 things I dislike:
- Lazy procrastinators: myself included
- The Pokemon anime in recent years ('nuff said)
- People whose sole meaning of existance is to make everybody elses' harder, especially illogical ones; also, perverts, sexual or otherwise

My future Antilian character:
Assuming no Lagomorphs are added in to the game, I will likely end up as a Vulan. I will cast magic. I will protect those who need protecting. I will slay evils. But, I am, by no means, your Paladin from D&D, who will willing lay down his/her life at the slightest whim of his/her superior: I would prefer to call myself the alignment of "Chaotic Good," if we're using those terms. Although it doesn't mean I can't be altruistic at times, if anybody's going to call themselves my "superior," they'd better have a good reason, and an even better cause, as I would prefer to remain a soul as independent as possible.
Tuesday, September 11, 2007 12:57pm
Jen: 10
Name Kateryna
Gender Female
Age 15
From Ukraine (originally) I now live in Canada

I like to play on my violin and tenor saxophone, hiking, magical things, animals, natural photography, reading, science, dancing, computer, skiing. (Many more =o)

3 things I like
*~Taking pictures of animals, plants and mountains.
*~organic things, and soy milk
*~I like it when all my homework is finished and I can be free

3 things I dislike
*~I highly dislike stereotypical people, and people who are unable to express their rage in other forms apart from swears.
*~People who don't think things through with more open minds
*~ When you have a math problem and you know how to solve it in an easier way but the teacher reduces marks for not following their procedures.

My future antilian character
I'll probably end up making a Lupan, or Koro. If the job type is aloud, I'll probably make my character a Cleric, or magician.
( I'm feeling small ._.;)
Tuesday, September 11, 2007 1:19pm
Shane Parker

Jen: 10
My name is Shane. I do most of the programming for Antilia (As opposed to Jeff, who does most of the management and creative aspects of the project).

I enjoy listening to classical music, watching animated films, reading about politics and of course programming computers and getting them to do creative and interesting things.

3 things I like
* Creative stories that stimulate the imagination and make you think.
* Having a new complex software routine work perfectly on the first try.
* Ramen noodles.

3 things I dislike
* People who don't want to learn new things and improve themselves.
* Not being able to solve a difficult software engineering problem.
* People who have to fill their lives with useless drama. Life is supposed to be fun!

My future antilian character
I'll play a character of each Antilian breed. However, I look most forward to playing a Koro character. :)
Tuesday, September 11, 2007 4:53pm
Jen: 10
Name: Fernin Lucine Ker
Gender: Male
Age: 19
From: Camano Island, Wa (USA)

Furry Fandom, WWII era firearms ( Is that a Kar98? Hold me. *faints*), Motorcycles, Wolf Conservation programs, Videogames (in all shapes and forms)

3 things I like:
Cheese (ever heard of the power of cheese? It's all true.)
Anthromorphic Art
Philosophic Thought

3 things I dislike:
Host Advantage in Gears of War (Fawkes, you know what and WHO I'm talking about. >.>)
The annoying, ignorant, narrow minded, childish, immature people who populate many once great communities.
Bad cooking

My future Antilian character:
Lupan, as closely mirroring my fursona as possibly (which probably won't be too closely since I doubt the game will have waist length hair for a male *sigh*). Class wise I'll be looking for something rouge like; stab em in the back!
Thursday, September 13, 2007 11:54pm
Jen: 10
Name: Oliver
Gender: Male
Age: 18
From: England

Drawing, Video Games, Reading, Anthro, College.

3 things I like:

Kitties, Anthro, Friends.

3 things I dislike:
Homophobes, Mean People, Bad RP, Awkwardness.

My future Antilian character:

A Cat-thing.. *Should
Friday, September 14, 2007 10:44am
Jen: 10
Name: Ben Overmyer
Gender: Male
Political Affiliation: Economic conservative, social liberal, centrist/moderate
Religious Affiliation: Spiritualist
Profession: Web Developer
Education: B.A. History, South Dakota State University
Age: 25
Western Zodiac: Pisces
Eastern Zodiac: Black Dog
From: South Dakota

High fantasy, designing and playing role-playing games, website design and development, conlang, Web 2.0 culture, paintball, recreational warfare, drift racing, drawing, digital painting, Japanese culture, ancient history, Asian history

3 things I like:
* Brilliant visual design, whether in print, web, automotive, or other
* Music with haunting or powerful vocals
* Fighting

3 things I dislike:
* The game-as-work design model of most commercial MMORPGs
* Bad artwork

My future Antilian character:
Based on my FurryMUCK character back when I was an anthro artist. Lupan, black fur, silver hair, crimson and royal purple garb. Heavily muscled.

My ride:
2006 Black Ebony Clearcoat Ford Focus ZX-3

My website:

My art gallery:
Saturday, September 15, 2007 3:27am
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