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Cool Game but a Bit Confused

Jen: 10
Looks like the developers are making something interesting.

I found this game by looking for "fantasy world simulators" like Dwarf Fortress, and Antilia is what came up. Unfortunately it's not what I was looking for, but it still appears to be interesting.

I read up about the game Antilia and heard that it's in the sandbox genre of games. What I'm confused about is the gameplay of Antilia. When I read up on the gameplay, I seem to not understand very much how it works and why it's separated by the race that someone chooses. I'm not saying that it's bad, but from my perspective I just don't get it. I feel like the developer(s) should better explain the gameplay.

In The Elder Scrolls, what motivates a player to explore the gameworld is the pursuit of rare and difficult to obtain items that further empower the player (collectathon), and the skill-improvement system (the grind to become ever more powerful). I draw this example because Antilia feels similar to The Elder Scrolls. Problem with The Elder Scrolls is, is that the items are in the same places everytime and the quests play the same everytime someone plays the game, so the game loses replay value due to predictability.

Bottom line:
I feel like Antilia needs motivating factors for gameplay. Perhaps having rare and powerful items throughout the world would be good for the game, as well as them being posited in different places everytime the player plays the game, and this is achieved by a Random Number Generator if I'm not mistaken. This gives motivation and replayability.
Tuesday, June 4, 2019 9:57am
Lead Developer
Jen: M
Hi Zogzor,

Antilia is still in development and some aspects of the gameplay are still being designed. The gameplay will be a little different for the three primary species because their physical size and the technologies of their civilizations are different. Each of the species (Taipii, Sakki, and Reisuii - not to be confused with the bloodlines within a species) will have an appropriate list of disciplines that are available to them (with some overlaps).

It's no secret we've drawn inspiration from the Elder Scrolls, but Antilia takes inspiration from other games as well of course, such as the Sims. You can play the game with a single character, or build a party of characters than you can switch between in-game (a bit like switching between characters in The Sims). Characters you are not controlling can be set to a few different modes such as "stay where you are" or "go about your daily tasks".

There will be quite a bit of procedural generation in Antilia, including portions of the world that are generated randomly each time you start a new save game and relics with randomized locations. The layout of Forra and the major cities will stay the same, but the names and purposes of the non-major buildings and houses will be procedurally generated.

As for goals for the player, we of course have plans for that. In the lore for Antilia I have begun developing the Taipii gods and a few other characters to have a "purpose" with a secret "score" they can calculate as part of the simulation. As a player you'll be able to set your own arbitrary goals if you wish, or (a bit like the Elder Scrolls) get involved with one or more of the NPCs that seek to change something in the world.
Tuesday, June 4, 2019 5:09pm
Jeff Leigh - Lead Developer - Right Brain Games
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