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Development Update for November 17, 2018

Lead Developer
Jen: M
Just a quick status update for this week: I've made good progress on the new out-of-game menus (create new game, load a save game, etc.) The menus are now far enough along that I can create and choose between multiple save games and get back into game mode for each save.

Now that I'm back to working on the game mode it's time to wrap up some of the "experimental" things I was trying with the sky and landscape engines. I'll be bringing back the higher resolution "splat map" based terrain rendering that we had in the MMO, as my experiments with large pre-baked terrain textures aren't up to the same visual quality as the original terrain system. I'll also be bringing back our dynamic sky over the next couple weeks and will be brainstorming dynamic weather with the development team.

Antilia Character Creation Demo - Version 0.8.2

One last note for this week, I've uploaded a new version of the Character Creation Demo. There are no new features or bug fixes in this version. The purpose of this version is strictly to keep the Character Creation Demo up-to-date with changes and improvements I've been making to the Antilia "core".

Have a great weekend everyone!
Saturday, November 17, 2018 11:59am
Jeff Leigh - Lead Developer - Right Brain Games
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