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A displeased rant.

Jen: 10
I stumbled across this game years ago and it fascinated me. I waited months after that for a chance to play and very much enjoyed my time in the game even though it was only once. Now so much time has passed. I keep checking this website hoping for an update on development and see nothing. I posted over $50 during the kickstarter and got nothing. I went on a ship due to being in the navy and when i got back, nothing. Is this game just going to die out or will we actually get some sort of update? It's been months and I'm starting to get more and more upset. Did i waste my time and money on this?
Monday, July 27, 2015 8:01pm

Jen: 106
...what money? Since the Kickstarter failed, no one got charged for it.

The game is going from MMO to singleplayer instead.
Monday, July 27, 2015 8:06pm
Sly da' Talikus aka LongSly
I will mallet all who question me! O.O
Lead Developer
Jen: M
Hi Buttermilk,

First just to reiterate what bluesly pointed out - Kickstarter projects are all or nothing. In the case of projects that don't reach their funding goals no money ever changes hands. Kickstarter doesn't charge backers, and the project creators get nothing. Antilia did not reach its funding goal, backers were never charged, and we didn't receive any funding.

Things are pretty quiet right now, but that's not really surprising. It's going to take some development effort to transition away from an MMO and rework everything for a more conventional gameplay experience. Right now I'm taking the opportunity to address long-standing bugs and performance issues in the game engine. I'll continue making development updates as it makes sense to do so, I'm just about ready to make another technical blog post - I just need a few more screenshots that will wrap up the topic of rendering performance.

Please understand that as we failed to reach our funding goal Antilia is still a hobby project that I and the volunteer dev team can only work on after working regular jobs to pay the bills. We'll "make noise" again when we draw close to beta testing or early access - for now I think it makes the most sense to put that energy into development so we have something good to show.
Tuesday, July 28, 2015 10:54am
Jeff Leigh - Lead Developer - Right Brain Games
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