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The Sakii - Sociology and History

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The Sakii - Sociology and History

The Hsakanadrynn, or Sakii, are among the longest-lived creatures on Forra. The Sakii have mastered the arts of transmutation and multiple forms - and are among the most powerful creatures on Forra. In their true form, the Sakii rule the skies, while their elemental forms allow them to weave magic that rivals the gods. In the most beautiful, remote places on Forra, the Sakii nest in tribes, and within their minds, they explore Forra across all of its magical planes.

This power comes at a cost however. The Sakii have to be forever vigilant of loosing their grip on the physical reality, or they will follow the way many other races did before them, and vanish from the physical plane of existence ((see the Sakii powers section below, as well as the Miiraun/Dream/Ether thread in the official lore section of the forums)).

Sakii do not eat organic food like the other races, but instead, feed on inorganic substances such as rocks and metals to replenish their energy. The language of the Sakii is currently not known, though they do have one. The Sakii often imprint their writings into the rocks by using their Dream powers.

Disposition: Spirituality & Meditation
Virtues: Powerful, Knowledgeable, Preserving
Vices: Ritualism, Resistance to Change

((Note: The Sakii are a planned expansion of Antilia, and are not available for play in the Alpha test. The culture and lore of the Sakii is still being written, and this article will be expanded with more details when they are available.))


The Sakii are amongst the largest races on Forra, being double the height of the Taipii and quadruple the height of the Reisuii. They resemble the western concept of dragons, but can change their form at will through the use of their power over the Dream aspect of Forran life. They still retain their reptilian appearance in all forms though. The gem on their forehead is a sign of level of their ability to manipulate Dream. More skilled the Sakii is, the larger the gem (and possibly of different colour).

Due to their size, they wont be able to fit inside any Taipii or Reisuii constructed houses. ((Speculation: But they always have the option to stick their heads though the window of a Taipii building, and look to see what is inside. As for a Reisuii building, perhaps only an eye at the window would work. :) ))


The Sakii are incredibly powerful, and probably the most powerful out of all the races that have not yet crossed The Edge - a boundary beyond which the races begin to loose their grip on the physical plane, and eventually vanish from the physical plane of existence altogether.

Their powers revolve heavily in the Dream plane of existence. They can "dream" of objects, forms, and structures, and use their powers to make these "appear" in the physical world. This allows a Sakii to basically create items on the go. However, they can only dream-in simple objects, so creating complicated compounds is beyond their reach.

Many Sakii use these powers to transmute their bodies, and to create their beautiful "gardens" to serve as their homes. The City of Lantros has an abandoned Sakii garden in the center, and many more exist in the most remote places on both Antilia as well as all of Forra itself, usually in places where the only access to them is by flight.

These powers come at a cost, though. Sakii have to constantly watch out for becoming too powerful, or they will start loosing their grip on the physical plane, and in some cases go insane, a.k.a. go "berserk". A berserk Sakii can best be described as sort of a walking nightmare factory, materializing all their fears and letting their nightmares take control of them.

Sakii History

Not much is known about the Hsakanadrynn or Sakii's history save that they are perhaps the oldest of the three current races on Forra. Due to their almost constant dabbling in the Dream planes of existence, the Sakii are the closest of the three races to following the way of all the previous inhabitants of Forra. Though they are not yet as far along as either the Chatoi or the Vaulei, the Sakii sit right at the edge, constantly struggling to retain their forms in the physical plane while engaging in their manipulations of the Dream plane.

Rumors claim the Sakii race once had gods of their own; however, they disappeared long ago leaving the rest of the Sakii race to fend for themselves. ((Speculation: While this has never been discussed as far as we know, it is quite possible the Sakii gods had become too proficient with manipulating the Dream plane to the point that they pushed the boundaries too far and wound up crossing The Edge, thereby losing their physical forms much in the same manner as the Chatoi and Vaulei. As such, to the other Sakii, they seemed to simply 'disappear'.))
Saturday, March 8, 2014 3:40pm
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