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The Taipii - Sociology and History

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((The description of the Taipii and their gods is taken from the About section of this site, and expanded with what has been said in the livestreams))

The Taipii are builders of wondrous cities, artists and crafters of beautiful works, chefs of delicious food, and performers of amazing feats of grace and acrobatics. The Taipii seek peace and enjoyment on Forra, and have developed a rich culture through their creativity and adaptiveness. With the discovery of powerful magic-bearing crystallized Miiraun crystals, the Taipii have integrated magic into nearly every art, craft, and profession.

Driven from their nomadic territories on Orliia by their terrifying enemy The Chatoi, the Taipii lead by their god-pairs sailed across the Southern Sea in makeshift boats and landed on a long peninsula on the southeast side of a large continent. Abandoning their nomadic lifestyle in favor of building a fortified city for protection, the Taipii civilization and culture flourishes in the abundance of Antilia.

((Speculation: Current total Taipii population is unknown, but the estimates range between 20-30k))


Shortly after arriving on Antilia and founding the city of Lynnar, a vault filled with crystallized Miiraun was found in The Deep under The Gales Mountains. These crystals made it possible for average Taipii to create magical weaves in the same manner as the gods.

While several of the gods worked to return the crystals to their hold, the utility and insights of the crystals into the secrets of Forra outweighed the gods' wishes. The Felo gods insisted upon and arranged for the crystals to be studied, and in spite of the dangers, their use and availability in Taipii society became commonplace.


While the most common means of travel for the Taipii is still by foot - the Taipii do use a few additional means of travel:

Koura: There are several species of koura, such as the Jidou, which are tame and intelligent enough to be ridden or used to carry heavy loads.
Carriages and Carts: Taipii merchants often utilize carts or carriages to transport their wares between villages.
Ships: Between coastal cities, the fastest route is often the sea, and the Taipii have become masters at crafting beautiful seafaring ships.
Magical Teleportation: Through a device known as the Takadynn, a Taipii can instantly travel long distances - although it often leaves the traveler feeling sick and drained of their energy.


The Taipii can make a variety of potions and balms through alchemy. The potions can have a variety of effects, from healing wounds and curing poisons, to temporarily boosting endurance and abilities.


The Taipii craft elegant but simple weapons through skills such as blacksmithing and woodworking. Taipii weapons are built from components such as blades, poles, handles, and hilts. These parts are designed to be interchangeable, and some weapons can be further enhanced with the addition of magical crystals.

((Scroll down below the bloodlines description for a more detailed history of the Taipii))

Taipii Bloodlines

The Taipii race has five different bloodlines, each with unique traits and appearance. The Kisan, The Lupan, The Koro, The Felo and finally The Vulan. Since The Taipii are technically a single race, it is possible for these bloodlines to mingle which offers for a wide array of variations in appearance. Each bloodline originally stems from a single god-pair.

The Taipii god-pairs are the most powerful representatives of the race. While they do not age like the other Taipii, they do have an affinity for magic that greatly outmatches the rest of the Taipii, and serve as leaders and protectors of the entire race. Born within the Miiraun streams according to the legends, the Taipii gods aren't technically "Gods", but more like demi-gods, or more accurately, great heroes of the race, who are revered and respected. More about the Taipii gods in the description of the bloodlines below.

The Kisan

The Kisan gods were the beginning of the Taipii, awakening in a stream of magic known as Miiraun on the continent of Orliia. The Kisan god-pair formed a governmental Monarchy in the Taipii's early history, although their power has waned since arriving on Antilia. Kisans tend to have a no-nonsense, get tasks done attitude. They take their role of protectors very seriously, and were the last ones to leave Orliia, serving as a rear guard against the attacks of the Chatoi.

The Kisan god-pair has the City of Lantros as their seat of power, forever vigilant of the possibility of Chatoi attack. Their belief that the monarchy is best suited for governing the Taipii puts them at odds with the Lupan god-pair from the City of Lynnar, who prefer democracy as the form of government.

Kisan God Rakadynn da'Orliia is level-headed and firm. Rakadynn has seen the Taipii through good times and hard, and knows the taste of failure from the exodus from Orliia.

Kisan Goddess Fausaila da'Orliia takes her role seriously, and can be a little hot-headed. Fausaila takes a no-nonsense approach to keeping the Taipii on course, and is concerned for the preservation of Taipii honor and culture. It is said that when Fausaila enters the room, even the other gods sit up straight. She was present at the Isle of Kasau when the appearance of "Unknown Entities" of The Lost took place, and the observance by The Chatoi of that event((see the Taipii history, and the Event section)).

The Lupan

The Lupan blood is the second oldest bloodline, and is often associated with strength, teamwork, and communication. The Lupan god-pair has a seat in the City of Lynnar and push for a democratic government where all bloodlines are equally represented, which often puts them at odds with the Kisan Monarchy from Lantros.

During the Orliian Exodus, the Lupans were the first to send exploration ships west to Antilia in search for a new home for the fleeing Taipii, and were accompanied by the Vulans.

Lupan God Naumayus da'Orliia is outspoken and fair, and works with Faujiika to organize and arrange meetings for the Taipii Council. Naumayus founded the Taipii Guard, who patrol all Taipii cities except Lantros.

Lupan Goddess Faujiika da'Orliia believes strongly in the power of teamwork, and frequently travels across Antilia trying to persuade gods and guilds to participate in the Taipii Council.

The Koro

Taipii with Koro blood are easily recognized by their unusual physical features: hooves, antlers, and a shorter tail. The Koro god-pair became disenchanted with the political maneuvering of the other gods, and instead promote a philosophy of honor, dignity, and respect toward fellow Taipii, Miiraun, and Sul. Those with Koro blood tend to be level-headed, agile, and graceful.

The Koro tend to not settle in permanent cities, but they likeee more to travel around Antilia, following their ancestral nomadic existence known as the Tasiiama. This term is also used in referring to a Taipii without a permanent place of residence in general. Little is known about the actions of the Koro during the Orliian Exodus, but it is most likely that they helped wherever the opportunity arose.

The Koro bloodline has one anomaly that is of particular note and needs to be mentioned. On occasion, a Taipii with Koro blood is born with only a single horn rather than the usual two. These Taipii have been given the name "Monohorns" and are targets of many jokes, puns, and on occasion, wild conspiracy theories. Monohorns are rumored to be in league with a terrible witch in The Gales Mountains named Gynnsaula the Wicked, and supposedly receive signals from her fortress through their horns. Any attempt to deny these rumors only end up in strengthening them. Known monohorns include Medai and Sakaru. ((see NPC and character list below)).

Koro God Zoukajynn da'Orliia loves the wilderness of Antilia, and follows the Tasiiama - the nomadic lifestyle of the Taipii on Orliia. Zoukajynn is patient and kind, sharing in the chores and customs of the older Taipii culture.

Koro Goddess Rakiiso da'Orliia wanders Antilia with Zoukajynn and the Tasiiama, and has a nervous disposition. Rakiiso dislikes politics and the political games engaged in by the other Taipii gods, and strives to be helpful and approachable.

The Felo

The Felo bloodline is marked by individuals that are capable, quick-witted, but also a bit solitary. The Felo god-pair value individuality and independence, which they pursue through more subtle means than most gods. Felo is a well-rounded bloodline, and while proud and capable, Felos don't tend to handle tasks well if they require teamwork.

Drawn to the magical arts more than the rest of the Taipii bloodlines, many Felo become members of the Daura au'Lii, the students of magic at the Sans au'Sul school of magic in the City of Chalei. It is due to this attraction to magic that the Felo god-pair chose to settle in Chalei.

During the Orliian Exodus the Felo and their gods stood on the front lines, really enjoying the fight against the Chatoi, and in doing so, slowed down their advance long enough so that the rest of the Taipii race could evacuate Orliia in time.

Felo God Reimasou da'Orliia is elusive and secretive. While Reimasou does not take a strong visible lead in politics, his influence reaches far, and his hand in things is difficult to see. It isn't known if he shares the objectives of his goddess, Machiiara.

Felo Goddess Machiiara da'Orliia is intelligent, outspoken, and the architect of many complex political plans. Few Taipii can discern her motives or objectives - and fewer still want to be wrapped in her schemes.

The Vulan

Vulan blood is associated with cleverness, playfulness, and beauty. The Vulan god-pair live in Ariiel - enjoying its freedoms while guiding the Taipii at their worst with a light hand. Those with Vulan blood are simultaneously admired for their beauty and distrusted for their craftiness. The Vulans have somewhat different views on personal property than the rest of the Taipii, henceforth the nature of Ariiel reflects that aspect ((see City of Ariiel in the geography lore section for more information)).

Vulan God Kutaun da'Orliia is considered a disreputable god, allowing himself to be drawn into the vices of the Taipii instead of standing against them.

Vulan Goddess Vacharii da'Orliia, while beautiful, is openly self-indulgent and disinterested in performing any duty as a goddess of the Taipii. In an elaborate palace in Ariiel, she surrounds herself with obscene luxury, drawing the ire of the other gods.

The Taipii generally like to dress well, but goddess Vacharii takes it to the extreme. She is also very nitpicky about hygiene. She hates dirt and dirty persons, and it is advised to take a proper bath and dress well before meeting her, or you risk incurring her wrath.
Thursday, March 6, 2014 4:58pm
Live well, die well.

In-game: Lokosicek da'Alenfay: Professional hoarder and explorer.
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The Taipii - List of known characters

This post will list all the Taipii NPCs that are currently in-game, plus those who have been introduced in game events or mentioned in conversations with the NPCs, with the exception of the descriptions of the Taipii god-pairs which are already available in the post above.

In alphabetical order:

Chaliima da'Lantros

Chaliima is a Felo female that was, up until the Kasau Event - Return of The Lost, staying at Maulei beach. Chaliima apprenticed under her mother growing up as a chef, but later became interested in magic. As part of her training with the Daura au'Lii, Chaliima volunteered for this expedition unaware that magic is dampened on the Isle of Kasau. After the crash, she settled on Maulei beach, and offered lessons in Fire Magic to those who brought her 10 Fire Makachii mushrooms and made a bowl of Spicy Eel Porridge ((she taught the recipe)). Additionally, she was selling the Fire Crystals too.

Despite being only an initiate student of magic, she attempted to create a teleport device back to Lantros. Sadly, due to the dampening of magic on Kasau the teleport spell was warped, and the exit point ended up on a mountain on the isle of South Vausuvii, east of Kasau.

During the return of The Lost, she assisted the Taipii explorers in fighting the Unknown Entities, and after the fight, she was taken back to the Sans au'Sul school of magic by her teacher Gariisu da'Chalei. Her tent and the still functional teleporting device inside the tent remained behind at the beach.

((In the Antilia's 2014 April fools day, Chaliima was still present on Kasau at her ususal spot at Maulei Beach))

Fouwynn da'Talikus

Being a male Vulan (or mixed Vulan/Felo), Fouwynn was rather quiet on the voyage to Kasau, and left the camp soon after. Since then, Fouwynn has spent the majority of his time fishing at the Maulei Beach. He will teach the Short Cast fishing skill, if the players show him that they own a proper fishing rod (which is sold by Torliila at the Base Camp).

Gariisu da'Chalei

Gariisu is a male Lupan, member of the Daura au'Lii, and a teacher of Magic at the Sans au'Sul school of magic in the City of Chalei. He has Chaliima da'Lantros as his apprentice, and arrived on the Isle of Kasau with Kisan goddess Fausaila da'Orliia to observe the return of The Lost. Both of them were very surprised by the presence of the Taipii explorers, and helped to fend off the Unknown Entities. After the event, he returned back to Chalei, and took Chaliima with him.

As a senior member of Daura au'Lii, Gariisu is considerably skilled in magic, enough to hold his own even on Kasau where magic usage is for some reason dampened.

Gynnsaula the Wicked

A great and terrible witch supposedly living in her fortress in The Gales Mountains. Her existence is unconfirmed, and just a little more than a rumor, but on occasion she is cited in conspiracy theories about Monohorns. Supposedly she is sending messages to her Monohorn servants through their horns. Again, that's just a rumor...

All this was mentioned in Monohorn Awareness Day leaflets distributed by Medai, where he tries to refute these rumors and conspiracy theories...

Jirii da'Ariiel

Jirii is a female Lupan at the Tapii Base Camp on the Isle of Kasau. She can be usually found next to the woodworking station and offers teaching in woodworking to the players. Jirii is an adventurer at heart - and eageeer to explore the Isle of Kasau. While everyone is familiar with her musical talents from the voyage from Lynnar, Jirii is eager to throw-off her reputation as a performer, and possibly find a new home on the Isle of Kasau. She also teaches a grilled fish recipe. Jirii occasionally thinks aloud, considering of exploring the southern portions of Kasau more in detail, and homes to find something interesting soon, as she seems to be bored. Occasionally she practices with her flute.

Kaliilou da'Lantros

Kaliilou is a female Kisan, and she can be found standing near the cooking fire and tent with supplies at the Base Camp of Kasau Isle. Kaliilou is an active helper at base camp. She is often seen sprinting from one tent to the next without pause, keeping count of supplies and tending those that were injured in the shipwreck. She is also a vendor and sells additional tents, bedrolls and textiles used in various crafting professions. According to Poujo at the mining camp, she is a bit bossy and she wants to build a protective wall around the Base Camp and a tower, to which end she tasked poor Poujo to mine stone as building material.

Kiicha da'Lynnar

Kiicha is a Koro seamstress specializing in Taipii clothing, and is currently staying at the Maulei Beach of Kasau Isle, where she sells various clothing, jewelry and most importantly lantern staves to anyone who can afford it.

Maisaka the Mono-Horn

Not much is currently known about Maisaka. Medai mentions the name in a conversation, asking if the players would care to hear the Legend of Maisaka the Mono-Horn.

Mausaiva da'Tasiiama

Mausaiva da'Tasiiama is a Lupan male at the Siiryn Logging Camp in the forest to the north of Base Camp. He teaches various bushcraft skills, (for older players, he has been known to also teach the recipe for Sysal Seed Porridge) and sells various types of wood for crafting weapon components and musical instruments. He stresses the fact that a lot of firewood is needed to fuel the fires during the night. He also offers up the axe located near his position to Taipii interested in learning his skills.

Mausaiva was born among the Taipii nomads on Antilia - the Tasiiama. Although he frequently visits the Taipii cities and has even lived in them on occasion, Mausaiva still prefers a nomadic lifestyle. Mausaiva was recruited for the exploration of Kasau for his Tasiiama knowledge of bushcraft - and has been an invaluable asset to the expedition since the shipwreck.

Medai da'Lantros

Medai is a male Monohorn of mixed Koro/Kisan bloodline ((for more information about Monohorns, see the Koro bloodline description)), who is currently staying at the Two Pools Camp inside the local network of The Deep, a vast underground network of caverns which sprawls under the entire planet Forra. The camp is located in a vast cavern above two smaller pools which is the feature that the Taipii explorers named both the camp and the cavern itself after.

Medai was born in Lantros, and later moved to Lynnar, where he learned the use of life magic in a local magic guild. After the shipwreck, he stayed mostly in the caves. Only once was he seen outside, when he tried to educate his fellow Taipii regarding the truth about Monohorns ((See Monohorn Awareness Day in the Event section)). He is quite proud of being a Monohorn, and claims that he is a member of the Talikus Guild of the Single Horned.

In exchange for yellow and later white lantern Koura, Medai teaches basic Life Magic, which revolves mostly around healing, and sells the green magic crystals necessary for casting the life magic spells.

Padailau da'Nayr

Padailau is a male Koro hunter, who, up until the conflict with The Lost, kept watch for unwanted koura that would frequently try to enter the Taipii camp. He could be found standing guard at the road leading out of the Taipii Base Camp toward the Mining and Logging Camps on the Isle of Kasau. He frequently complained about the camp being in vicinity of the Tangled Lands marshes, which is a source of numerous iichii attacks. Sometimes he wondered that it feels odd, being so close to Orliia ((its not really that close really, far from it)), and what kind of hunting is there to do in Moivalau forest.

He also taught the Grilled Mushroom recipe on the side. Following return of the Lost event, he returned with Chaliima back to Antilia, wanting to finally get away from Kasau.

((In the Antilia's 2014 April fools day, Padailau was still present on Kasau in Moivalau forest next to its exploration marker))

Poujo da'Alenfay

Poujo is a male Taipii of mixed Lupan and Koro blood, and was born in Alenfay, where he served an apprenticeship under his father to learn the trade of mining. He can be found mining away at the camp west of the Base Camp at Kasau between the entrance to the Two Pools Cave section of The Deep and a vein of copper ore.

He teaches the art of mining, if you show him your mining pickaxe (which is sold by Sakouv at the Base Camp). He teaches how to mine stone and both copper and iron ores along with how to smelt both of the two metals. He also sells ingots of copper, iron, steel, bronze, silver and gold, but his prices are very high. Kaliilou has tasked Poujo to collect enough stones for the building of a tower and a wall around Base Camp, which has made him a bit grumpy.

Ramasu da'Lynnar

Ramasu is a male Lupan, who maintains a watch over the northern and eastern sides of Base Camp on the lookout for iichii - which have been spotted in the grassy fields. He is constantly on the move, and quite hard to catch to have conversations with. In exchange for several portions of Mushroom Soup (the recipe is learned from Ramos), he is willing to teach players in the various skills for combat for numerous weapons.

Ramos da'Talikus

Ramos is a Koro male, and the former captain of the Wauv Doisor, the ship the Taipii explorers used to reach the Isle of Kasau that wrecked in the maw of Mount Gajoi known as Gajoi's Teeth, during a storm. Ramos was once a wealthy and respected ship captain (of a ship named named the Swift Vulan) in Talikus - but recently retired his trade to live in Ariiel. Ramos initially declined the invitation to explore the isle of Kasau - but reconsidered the offer after Ariielean thieves stole much of his fortune.

He can be still found at the shore near the crash site, mourning the loss of his ship. Ramos is not exactly in the best of moods, saying that there were times when he took comfort in wealth, and before he took comfort in hard work. Now he would take comfort in a good meal and afterwards he teaches players the recipe for Mushroom Soup.

Sakaru the Explorer

Sakaru was supposedly a famous Koro Monohorn explorer, who (among others) discovered the "amazing mud pits of Alenfay". Players learn about him from a conversation with Medai, and from Monohorn Awareness Day leaflets Medai distributed in effort to educate his fellow Taipii explorers about Monohorns.

((Speculation: There is this running joke that Sakaru was for some reason thrown out of Alenfay's gates and fell into the mud pits, and in doing so he "discovered" them... :) ))

Sakouv da'Ariiel

Sakouv is a male Vulan and he can be found at the Base Camp of Kasau by the anvil. Sakouv is an adventurer, and a talented metal smith, who now crafts arms and equipment for the stranded Taipii. He is constantly misplacing his smithing hammer, or possibly someone is intentionally hiding it away from him. Sakouv suspects that Torliila is behind the thefts, as the hammer is always hidden somewhere around her tent. He asks players to bring it back to him, and in return, he teaches players how to smith a wide variety of weapons. He also is selling pickaxes needed for mining.

Torliila da'Ariiel

Torliila is a female Vulan and can be found by the lake at the Base Camp of Kasau Isle. She was not selected to explore the Isle of Kasau - but stowed away on the ship at the encouragement of her lover, who claimed that this will be an "exclusive chance to behold the beauty of unexplored coastal islands". By her upbringing in Ariiel and her fitness as a dancer in Laughing Breeze Inn, Torliila is a strong swimmer - and saved several Taipii from drowning in the shipwreck. She is begrudgedly recognized as a hero - but few regard her with much respect in the camp.

Torliila teaches fishing skills, and sells both fishing rods as well as various baits for fishing. Next to her are a couple of simple fishing sticks and a bucket of worms which players can pick as a starter fishing gear. Also, she complains about the fact that the handling of fish bait makes her stink a lot, and she refuses to bathe in the sea in fear of attracting every sea monster out there.

For whatever reasons, Sakouv's hammer is often found somewhere in the vicinity of her tent, which lends to the suspicion that she has some issues against Sakouv and has been hiding his hammer from him in retribution. No definitive or solid proof of this supposed dispute has been confirmed though.

Interestingly enough, the identity and whereabouts of Torliila's lover are currently unknown though it is quite likely he was among the survivors when the Taipii reached the shore following the shipwreck.

Tourii da'Talikus

Tourii is a male Kisan currently staying by the cooking station at Maulei Beach on the Isle of Kasau. A long time friend of Captain Ramos, he was persuaded to join the expedition and board the Wauv Doisor (Wave Dancer) with Ramos. He is an expert cook/chef and sometimes comments that the soup he is cooking smells very good. Tourii hopes that his friend Captain Ramos feels better since the crash and sometimes wishes that the Maulei camp could have been estabilished somewhere closer to a source of fresh water. He also can't wait to see what Fouwynn (who is fishing nearby) will catch. Tourii also sells most of the cooking ingredients that can be obtained on Kasau.

((DISCLAIMER: This NPC was added in a special 2014 April 1st event (Antilia: Hardcore Mode), and it is currently unclear if he will be present in the normal version of the game, and as such, his canon status is not yet estabilished.))
Friday, March 7, 2014 7:03pm
Live well, die well.

In-game: Lokosicek da'Alenfay: Professional hoarder and explorer.
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History of The Taipii

Being the youngest out of all the races on Forra, the Taipii race is no more than 2000 years of age. Exact age, and history of the Taipii before the Orliian Exodus roughly 900 years ago is not known, and only myths and legends remain from those times. The Taipii gods sometimes utter hints and small pieces of information in their conversations, but never really get to fully summarize it due to the fact that they always tend to have something else to do and can't be bothered to give extensive history lessons. Here is what is publicly known:

Of the few legends that survived from the Taipii's time on Orliia, they typically start with a dramatic description of The Kisan god-pair's awakening in the Miiraun streams on the continent of Orliia, followed by the appearance of the other god-pairs. Events between this, and the war with the Chatoi, a race on the cusp of becoming Lost, remains largely blurred. The only thing known is that the Taipii had no permanent cities and lived as nomads in what is known as the Tasiiama lifestyle, traveling up and down on the NW half of Orliia in what they called The Winter Grassland Plains.

That all changed when the Taipii began sending their first explorers across the central mountain range to the south-east, and the discovery of endless Chatoi ruins and devices in the forest. The presence of the Taipii and their tampering with the devices/artifacts soon attracted the attention of the Chatoi themselves who did not take kindly to the Taipii poking around, and they began to poke back at them. This eventually lead to a full fledged war with the Chatoi, whose prowess in magic greatly outmatched the Taipii.

Forced back by the constant Chatoi attacks, the Taipii retreated more and more to the south-western portion of Orliia, until they ran out of space to run. Facing utter defeat, the Taipii began sending out scout ships to the west over the great Southern Sea in search of a new home. This effort was spearheaded by the Lupans and Vulans, while the Felo and Kisan gods held their ground against the overwhelming magical forces of the Chatoi. The exact roles of the Koro and their gods in the war is not known.

((Speculation: It is highly likely that if the Chatoi were really bent on destroying the Taipii, there would be nothing to stop them. With the Chatoi being a purely magical race, their powers were on a planetary scale. Some speculate that the Chatoi were in fact at war with a third entity, and the Taipii sort of got caught in the crossfire believing that the Chatoi were attacking them directly. In that way, the attacks were sort of a hint to the Taipii to "Get the heck out of here, its not safe around these parts"))

Eventually the Taipii were forced to leave Orliia altogether and sail west towards Antilia in a massive fleet lead by their gods. The Kisan were the last to leave, holding the rear flanks against the Chatoi attacks. The Taipii intentionally avoided Aier to the north-west for whatever reason. It is not known how long the voyage took, but eventually the fleet reached the archipelago east of the Lantros peninsula of Antilia, and continued forth.

When the Taipii fleet approached the Isle of Kasau, some of the Taipii wanted to settle there, but their gods pressed on, saying that the isle is far too small for an entire race and that "the Miiraun felt wrong there", which later proved to be true by the Event at Kasau ((See Event section)).

Sailing around the Isle of Kasau, the Taipii finally reached the eastern peninsula of their new home, the continent of Antilia.

Landing on the eastern shores of the Lantros peninsula, the Taipii asked themselves if this was finally the new home they were looking for, and worried that the Chatoi might have followed them to Antilia. Unbeknownst to the general Taipii populace, the gods had indeed sensed the Chatoi's former presence on the Isle of Kasau, but chose not to tell anyone.

Early scouting parties deeper into the new continent returned with the news of a large freshwater lake in the center of the peninsula, and the discovery of long abandoned Sakii gardens at the southern shore of the lake. Soon, a vast improvised tent settlement grew at the lake shores, and the decision was made to erect impromptu fortifications around the camp as a defense just in case the Chatoi had indeed followed the Taipii to Antilia.

The arrival of the Taipii to Antilia and the erection of the first fortified settlement marked the end of the Tasiiama lifestyle for most of the Taipii, and the Kisan gods emphasized the importance of stable fortified settlements in the defence of the race. After securing the basic necessities like sources of food and water, the Taipii sent two scouting parties to explore the west.

One followed the easier way along the coast, and founded Lynnar around a small lake above The Fortress Wall, and the other followed the base of the mountains. After crossing the vast desert of black sand, the second party settled around a large lake with vast deposits of white clay. Thus the City of Chalei was founded.

Shortly after the founding of Lynnar, a large vault filled with crystallized Miiraun was discovered beneath The Gales Mountains to the west of Lynnar. Despite the efforts of some gods to secure the crystals for themselves ((out of fear that tampering with them will alert the Chatoi to Taipii presence)), the Felo gods insisted that the crystals be studied, and so their availability and use in Taipii culture became common.

As the Taipii progressed more and more westwards, the City of Alenfay was founded near the great rainforest Tays in western Antilia. Alenfay's importance would remain relatively low until the founding of Ariiel to the north which made Alenfay a popular stopover between Ariiel and Chalei. Soon after the founding of Ariiel, the farming settlement of Nayr was established to serve as a sort of trading hub for the farmers in the great plains north west of the city.

Trade routes between Lantros and Ariiel formed, and the traveling merchants and sailors often found shelter from frequent storms in a safe bay mid-way. This eventually gave birth to the thriving City of Talikus which grew wealthy from the merchants traveling between Ariiel and Lantros. This was the last great phase of Antilia's colonization.

Years passed, then decades, then centuries, until one day a small group of explorers decided to go against the gods' wishes, and set out from Lantros harbor to explore the mysterious Isle of Kasau. Their hope was to finally unlock it's secrets and perhaps even colonize it, still unaware of the true reason the gods chose to avoid the island. Their expedition would be met with disaster.

This disaster, along with other events that would transpire on the Isle, would mark the beginning of a new chapter in Taipii history...
Sunday, August 10, 2014 2:45pm
Live well, die well.

In-game: Lokosicek da'Alenfay: Professional hoarder and explorer.
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