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Lore Discussion

Discussions about Forra, the Taipii, and other creatures living on Forra

Currently: 53 Topics, 609 Posts


Title Posts Author Most Recent Post
Armors and Wildlife 19 Raccoonstorm 2 Years Ago by jeff
FASHION!!!!!! 4 Ariarose 2 Years Ago by AnimalArcher
A Guide to Taipii Names 30 Tettix 4 Years Ago by autobotgirl97
Ghosts Undead and The Afterlife 3 Ariarose 4 Years Ago by Raccoonstorm
What type of creatures will inhabit the world? 4 Dusk 4 Years Ago by Dusk
Comparison of race sizes 4 Nalena 4 Years Ago by SapphireRose
Avian and Feral species? 13 Eron 4 Years Ago by Nalena
Can the Sakii change size as well as elemental type? 5 Ariarose 5 Years Ago by Nalena
Fanart: Reisuii language 3 Mataata 5 Years Ago by Mataata
Taipii Written Language | fan art 7 Sean 5 Years Ago by Cheynas
Monohorn Awareness Day ... IRL 36 Lokosicek 5 Years Ago by Cheynas
Gods and Goddesses 12 Liska Bystrouska 5 Years Ago by MageOfCats
Twin-Sun Eclipse Time Lapse 10 blueslyster 5 Years Ago by MageOfCats
New Architecture Ideas for a Working Civilization 26 Wolf775 5 Years Ago by Rosanna Foxfire
Antilia game guide for beginners 23 Lokosicek 5 Years Ago by NuclearFlapjacks
Become friends or marry your partner 9 Flazer 5 Years Ago by Liska
Digitigrade vs. Planitgrade 22 Kila 6 Years Ago by jeff
Taipii Word Hunt... 9 Direlda 6 Years Ago by Direlda
Add ideas for npcs here 11 hundunhod 6 Years Ago by Liska Bystrouska
Guide to fire mushroom gathering 10 Lokosicek 6 Years Ago by Direlda
A First Guide To Magic 3 Kris 6 Years Ago by Direlda
Sunset Time Lapse 3 blueslyster 6 Years Ago by Sahleh
Map Of the Island 11 Kris 6 Years Ago by Kris
How will the magic system work? 3 hundunhod 6 Years Ago by hundunhod
Your home 10 Cheynas 6 Years Ago by OokamiShi

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