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Discuss Gameplay Ideas for Antilia

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Title Posts Author Most Recent Post
Cool Game but a Bit Confused 2 Zogzor 4 Months Ago by jeff
Avatar design and animations. 1 Capris Fox 8 Months Ago by Capris Fox
Race idea? 9 Sekaitta 1 Year Ago by Firepaw
About the Character's stances... 2 Nixon Waker 2 Years Ago by jeff
Making bloodlines unique without disrupting game balance 7 Noxious Skunk 3 Years Ago by NuclearFlapjacks
Will There Be More Animations?~ 3 Nixon Waker 3 Years Ago by Nixon Waker
Singleplayer, and Subscription Fees 9 Kitzami 3 Years Ago by Nixon Waker
Creating Multiple Game Worlds 2 Noxious Skunk 3 Years Ago by jeff
Multiplayer Summon System 2 Collie Alphonse 3 Years Ago by jeff
Weaponry: What weapon do you want to wield? 252 jeff 3 Years Ago by Spyred
Canines? ideas. . (I just think it maybe neat!) 3 TurtleLovah 3 Years Ago by Raccoonstorm
Occupations 8 Noxious Skunk 4 Years Ago by Myka
Game Engine questions 9 vedrit 4 Years Ago by jeff
Mind over Might 9 blueslyster 4 Years Ago by Jayce
some words of help please read 3 NetoLins 4 Years Ago by Jayce
Possible to have a stand alone Character creator. 2 Fopsie 4 Years Ago by jeff
Multicolored eyes for Lupan? 5 Mrexplodey 4 Years Ago by Mrexplodey
2014 Hardware/Software Survey 41 jeff 4 Years Ago by autobotgirl97
Ideas: Trinkets, baubles, and toys 8 Zeek illuser 4 Years Ago by Jayce
Cooking, individualized values, and inventory space. 4 Aureus Vulpes 4 Years Ago by Maldrank
February open server 4 TetsuoSkolf 4 Years Ago by Hippy Treehugger
Antilia On Microsoft MicroLens Holographic Headset 7 barefoot138 4 Years Ago by Firepaw
A suggestion for the axe and fishing pole. 10 Spyred 4 Years Ago by Liska Bystrouska
12 Zeek illuser 4 Years Ago by Thagrahn
How do you keep crafting from becoming tedious? 10 Ariarose 4 Years Ago by Winterchain

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