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News and Development


The latest announcements about Antilia

Currently: 139 Topics, 2767 Posts
Recent Topics
Roadmap to the Fishing Alpha
Antilia Character Creation Demo Now Available to Download!
Should we Rebuild Antilia's Forum Community?

Development Blogs

Design and Technical Posts from the Development Team

Currently: 45 Topics, 98 Posts
Recent Topics
Video: Brainstorming New Scenery Objects
Video: Launcher Improvements
Video: Simulation Object Editor Tutorial (v0.4)

Game Discussion

The World of Forra - Official Lore

A repository of posts documenting the offical lore of Antilia.

Currently: 11 Topics, 21 Posts
Recent Topics
The Sakii - Sociology and History
Antilia's lore compilation
The Taipii - Sociology and History

Lore Discussion

Discussions about Forra, the Taipii, and other creatures living on Forra

Currently: 53 Topics, 609 Posts
Recent Topics
Armors and Wildlife
A Guide to Taipii Names

Game Design

Discuss Gameplay Ideas for Antilia

Currently: 278 Topics, 3460 Posts
Recent Topics
Cool Game but a Bit Confused
Avatar design and animations.
Race idea?



General Community Chat

Currently: 357 Topics, 5855 Posts
Recent Topics
Why don't you go to the publishers?
Introduce yourself ^__^ !


A Place for Forum Role-playing

Currently: 81 Topics, 47832 Posts
Recent Topics
Screech Academy Furry Boarding school RP
Corrupt a Wish
Of MIce And Men (pls join on signup!)

Technical Feedback

Technical Support

If you need help installing or configuring Antilia - please post your question here.

Currently: 1 Topics, 2 Posts
Recent Topics
Antilia Character Creation Demo error?

Bug Reports

If you encounter a bug in Antilia, please report it here.

Currently: 2 Topics, 8 Posts
Recent Topics
Can't share new character.
Crash on startup if normal mouse not plugged in

Website Support

If you are having difficulties with the website, please post them here.

Currently: 82 Topics, 566 Posts
Recent Topics
just reporting a website typo
New player races
Certian threads missing their title

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