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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I download Antilia?

Antilia is not available for download or play yet.

When will Antilia be available for play?

Antilia is still in early to mid development, and as such a release target has not been set yet.

How are their screenshots of people playing if the game is not available?

Most screenshots on this website were taken during the previously public open-alpha tests when Antilia was being developed as an MMORPG. We are no longer developing Antilia as an MMORPG, and are instead working on a non-MMO single-player/multi-player game.

Is Right Brain Games hiring for this project? Where can I send my resume?

Right Brain Games is not currently hiring full-time developers to work on Antilia.

Who is making Antilia?

Antilia is being developed by Right Brain Games, a small independent video game studio, and with assistance from volunteers in the community. A list of developers and active volunteers is available here.

What kind of character customization options will there be?

Players can customize their characters in many unique and creative ways:

  • Race, Bloodline, and Gender - Character creation starts with the selection of a "bloodline" or "breed" based on the race. Both a primary and secondary bloodline can be chosen within each race, allowing for hybrid characters.
  • Skin/Fur Patterns - Each race and bloodline will offer a selection of skin/fur patterns.
  • Skin/Fur Colors - The colors in the skin/fur as well as the eye color can be customized.
  • Face & Body Adjustments - Each of the races has a set of custom adjustment sliders, allowing the player to adjust various physical features such as: body tone and facial features.
  • Character History - Customization includes background information, which determines startup skills and may provide special opportunities in quests and NPC conversations.

While playing the game, players can further customize their character in the following ways:

  • Clothing & Equipment - We hope to offer a variety of clothing styles with different bonus effects. Each set of clothing may come in multiple color schemes.
  • Wigs & Headdresses - We'd like to make wig-making an in-game craft, allowing players to craft a variety of custom head-gear for the Taipii.
  • Paint & Tattoos - Players can add and remove tattoos to their character.
Frequently Asked Questions Development Team

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