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An Impromptu Antilia Q&A via Discord

Saturday, June 10, 2017 9:03am
Lead Developer
With so many things being worked on and also so many things yet to build for Antilia, it has become difficult writing a good summary each month of Antilia's development. Delaying these posts only makes matters worse, as it is difficult to recall and convey the excitement we have for a particular task weeks later. Yesterday I had an impromptu meeting with Lokosicek in our Discord channel, and allowed chat members to listen in and provide live questions and feedback. The following conversation covered a variety of topics, and ultimately provided a better update on the state of the project than a blog post could have.

Download Audio Recording: MP3

In the first half of the conversation we discuss blog posts and various ways we could make better use of social media. In the second half I answer general questions from chat while providing updates on the Toi Engine, our tools, and future plans for Antilia.

I can appreciate that not everyone has time to listen through an hour of audio (although I would recommend it for anyone interested in the world's lore), here's a brief summary of the key discussion points:

Social Media and Blog Updates

  • I would like to stop writing lengthy blog posts that try to summarize a month or more of updates, and instead provide shorter, more regular updates that only touch on a single topic each time.
  • As work on Antilia content development starts picking up in the second half of the year, we will return to providing video updates and live streams.
  • I would like to share more of the images and artwork we as developers take inspiration from in designing Antilia.

Antilia Development

In the second half of 2017 I'd like to turn more of my attention to developing Antilia itself, while work on the Toi Engine and content tools continues as we need those features.
  • In May we began work on the terrain engine, specifically we've been experimenting with different world scales and terrain sizes to determine how large Antilia will be.
  • The Isle of Kasau has been used as a sort of 'measuring stick', at the scale we currently favor, the Isle of Kasau has roughly 80% the area as it did in the MMO.
  • In the second half of the year my priority will be to build a good foundation for Antilia with terrain rendering, landscape features such as trees and rocks, and character movement.
  • In 2018 I would like to resume alpha testing, with a regular schedule of content updates as we continue to build the world.

((We have been experimenting with different terrain scales, using the Isle of Kasau as a measuring stick. Smaller scales mean less area to space to fill with content and shorter travel distances, while larger scales are more difficult to coordinate between developers and risk giving an "empty" impression.))

((Here we are experimenting with different shading and texture styles.))

Toi Engine

  • Progress is being made toward open-sourcing the Toi Engine.
  • Work on Toi Canvas is complete for now, with additional features being added in the future as we need them.
  • Work has begun on the Terrain editor, which we will use to build Antilia's terrain and generate procedural forests and landscaping with.

((A few samples of brush styles that can easily be created and used the canvas tool.))

Throughout the event I was also responding to questions from Discord chat, so I would certainly recommend giving it a listen!

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