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A Tool for Textures

Wednesday, February 1, 2017 4:29pm
Lead Developer
Greetings everyone, it's the start of a new month and time for an update on Antilia. Progress in January was good, and I am excited to share what I believe to be a promising start toward reaching my yearly goals.


After making the announcement on December 31st my first task was to wrap up several major interface overhauls that had been in progress throughout 2016. Previously, Toi Studio was using the original Antilia MMO server to synchronize data between users, but I had already built a simpler server for Antilia itself. Late last year, I had started moving Toi Studio to use that simpler design as well, and so the first two weeks of January I doubled my efforts to complete that migration. I also began changes that would allow Toi Studio to work on locally stored projects without the server at all, something that will be of use especially to mod creators. There is still more work to do on these “behind the scenes” systems, but working on them any more last month would not get me closer to my goals.

The Canvas Tool

In the latter half of January, I started on the first of the new content creation tools I outlined in my yearly goals, the Canvas Tool. We'll be using the Canvas Tool to create mesh textures and user interface elements in Antilia. To avoid confusion it should be noted that this is not the same tool that was demonstrated in a live stream back in February 2014. This new tool is vector based, but can use pixel-based brush styles to generate similar results as pixel-based tools. This opens the door to numerous procedural effects that would be difficult to achieve using pixel-based operations.

((This image was an early test of the tool's "stroke rendering" system, demonstrating a variety of natural and stylistic ways to render a simple curve. Changes to rendering style can be made non-destructively long after the original shapes and brush strokes are drawn. Full Image))

It is still early in the development of the Canvas Tool, but in the past week I have moved past basic rendering features and onto the painting and editing tools. With the "Pen" tool I can draw out curves and lines in a manner familiar to those that have used other image creation tools. There is also a "Select" tool for selecting shapes and manipulating them, as well as an "Edit" mode in which the control points of a shape can be moved and manipulated.

((The most recent version of the Canvas Tool includes modes for drawing and editing shapes, as well as basic navigation features such as panning, zooming, and rotating the canvas.))

In February, I'll continue work on the Canvas Tool with the aim of completing an initial version near the end of the month. Once the tool is more complete I would like to create a few videos on how to use it, as well as some new Antilia content creation videos.

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