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New Antilia Development Video Series

Friday, May 13, 2016 6:42pm
Lead Developer
In April I started capturing footage for a new video series, and at last the first video is finally here!

This video is a little rough in the editing, as when I started capturing footage in April I was thinking this would be something more along the lines of a "development highlights" video. As the month progressed and I started receiving feedback the video changed to be a bit more general, including announcements and new lore information. It took a bit of extra effort getting this video out the door, but in the process I've re-acquainted myself with video production and looking forward to improving these as I create more videos.

There are a few important announcements in this video, so for the sake of those who cannot currently view the video I will summarize them here:
  • We would like to build Antilia as an 'episodic' or expansion-pack style game, which would allow us to produce a smaller initial game sooner, then grow the size of the world and number of stories over time.

  • The story of the initial release will be that of how the Taipii left Orliia and arrived on Antilia.

  • (It is also hinted/revealed that Antilia will allow players to create multiple characters and switch between which character you are currently controlling. This is a feature we need for story mode, so it makes sense to just make it a game-wide feature.)

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