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Antilia Update, Toi Engine to Become Open Source

Saturday, November 21, 2015 6:30pm
Lead Developer
First off, please let me apologize for the long delay in updating this blog. I have a rule that I always accompany new blog posts with fresh images and screenshots, but lately that's served more as an obstacle, or dare I admit it, an excuse. As we continue development that won't continue to be the case, especially as we start building the new Forra and become anxious to show off that progress.

Project Update

The past several months I've been focusing primarily on improving the Toi Engine. Some of that progress is documented in the Technical Blogs, but not all of it is noteworthy enough for public discussion. As Antilia is no longer targeting an MMO, it was important to take a step back and reassess what game features we really wanted in Antilia - including features we had previously removed from consideration. In the process we've created a document listing all potential gameplay features, and this discussed what we want in the game, and what needs to be in the game. It's been a great opportunity to bring back some of those ideas we've had and really loved but couldn't fit into the mmorpg.

Moving forward my current priority is to continue improving the Toi Engine - which I plan to make available as an open source project. While sharing the world of Forra is an important goal in my life, another goal I have is to continue helping other artists and writers share their stories via the interactive medium. I've looked at the other game engines available, but I have yet to see anything else out there that provides a single solution for building a sizable story-based game with a small distributed team.

My next step is to update Toi's aging DirectX 9 based renderer with a more modern DirectX 11 rendering system built to take advantage of multi-core systems. Rendering performance has improved some since the last mmo build thanks to a new rendering pipeline, but the new DirectX 11 solution will help even more.

(Additional progress on the Toi engine and Toi Studio include an improved "Scene Management" system, a new camera system, a new GUI editor, improved terrain engine, and progress on the new terrain editor.)

Single-player Campaign

It's still too early to confirm what gameplay features will or will not be in the game, but I do want to convey that a significant amount of effort is going into designing a proper single-player campaign. The mmo alpha never got as far as proper "quests" - the closest it came was a half-dozen NPCs that you might interact with repeatedly to unlock a skill.

Now that we are building Antilia with a single-player mode, we have the opportunity to present Antilia's lore not just through books and side-quests, but interactively with the characters themselves. A considerable amount of effort has been put into developing a satisfying story with interesting characters, and while I wouldn't want to spoil anything - I really cannot wait to share it. I think we chose a great place to start exploring the world of Forra, I really like the way the story structure is turning out to include both linear and non-linear elements, and I believe we have a great cast of characters. I realize that's a bit of a tease, but I wanted to confirm for those that are specifically interested in the prospect of a single-player mode, it will not be an afterthought.

That's all for this post, I appreciate everyone's patience and hope you all continue lurking!

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