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New Alpha Version and Server Uptime this Week!

Monday, October 7, 2013 5:01pm
Lead Developer
As I posted in the forums, the Antilia Kickstarter Campaign is delayed temporarily while we do a bit of legal and tax preparation for the project. I discuss it deeper in the forum thread, but the short version is that we want to be smart about this and avoid some costly mistakes other Kickstarter projects have blogged about.

In the meantime, development and testing of Antilia will resume, starting with a new version and an in-game social event this weekend - October 12th & 13th!

The new version of Antilia will include:

New Character Creation Options - Fur Patterns

One of the first things you may want to try in the new version is refactoring your character - there are now 3 fur pattern options to choose from for each bloodline!

Collision Detection

If you've learned that running through tents and trees is the fastest way to get from point A to point B - you'll have to break that habit with this release! This of course introduces the possibility for getting stuck, especially in cases where you can fall off of an object such as a rock into deep water - but we are aware of and working on most of these cases. (The future addition of jumping and swimming would solve many of these issues, so we won't be building an official list of places the player can get stuck until those are in place. If you find yourself stuck, you can always teleport!)

A New Clutter System

We've re-designed and re-written the clutter system from the ground up. The new system is faster, more memory efficient, and much more stable. If you've been playing with clutter turned off to avoid crashes, I highly recommend you enable it now and adjust the density and distance for your system! Once you've seen it, you won't want to play without!

Musical Instruments are Back!

Musical Instruments have been disabled for some time in the client, after a bug in the client started causing them to crash. The bug has been found and fixed, so players can once again share their screeching melodies around the campfire (yes, there is an option to turn them off.) Additional instruments and a composition/performance system are planned for the future!

Numerous Improvements and Bug Fixes!

In addition to the major improvements, we have a growing list of over 60 content improvements we have made and bugs we have fixed.

Rather than list them all out, here are a few shots of the sort of details we've been adding to the world:

Admittedly, it has been a while since Antilia saw a new release and some server up-time. We'd like to run the server as much as we can in October, gather some good screenshots and videos, and continue building our community. If you have friends you think would be interested in the project, please spread the word!

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