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The Antilia Kickstarter Budget

Friday, June 7, 2013 2:53pm
Lead Developer
Having set our Kickstarter project goals, the next question becomes - how much do we need to complete them?

For each goal, I estimated the number of programmer and artist work hours involved (based on what similar tasks have required in the past), as well as any additional contractor fees. This resulted in a large Excel spreadsheet with a lot of formulas in it. With Kickstarter projects, I think most people prefer projects that are as transparent as possible regarding their budget and how the money will be spent.

So here is the breakdown:

Additional Fees

If you add our complete budget up from the first graph, you'll come to around $110,000 - but there are a couple more things to consider: Kickstarter takes a 5% commission itself, and there is also a 3-5% credit card processing fee.

Accounting for these additional fees....

The Funding Goal

We need to raise $$99120,000 to make this happen!

When we started this, we were hoping for a target between $50,000 and $100,000. If I tried, I could fudge work hour estimates or drop improvements that I really believe Antilia needs... But doing that would mean being on a tighter schedule, with portions not being completed properly, bugs not getting fixed, etc. I'd rather use my best, most honest estimates when it comes to work hours, and include a realistic budget for testing & fixing new bugs - rather than short-change the project and deliver a rushed and broken game.

To reach this goal, we're going to have to look beyond just our existing community, obviously. When the project launches, I will send an email to the 6,500 who have shown interested in the project and registered on the site (many may have forgotten, or not even realize the project continues) - but beyond that we are starting to build a list of websites and ways we attract attention to the project before and while the Kickstarter is running. Each day we will be contacting site owners, posting links, and looking for new ways to reach people and get them excited for Antilia.

I have been researching and observing games on Kickstarter, and quite a few funded projects start out with a lot less than we have now - working alphas and the beautiful graphics. With the right video, the right backer rewards, and a lot of work reaching as many as people possible...

I really think with Antilia we can do it.

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