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Concept Art - Pet Koura

Tuesday, June 4, 2013 9:10am
Lead Developer
First off, a heads up - I'm in the process of making several changes to the format of our blog, replacing the bi-weekly blog (which could often grow quite long), with smaller, more frequent updates. This will also include the newsletter system that will combine all weekly blog posts into a single email at the end of the week. I know many of you are anxious to learn more of our Kickstarter plans - there is still the budget, stretch goals, and backer rewards to discuss, and more details are on their way. (I want to give the budget another developer discussion before we announce and commit to a funding goal.)

For this post, I'd like to bring attention to one of Kathryn's new concepts:

While pets and mounts didn't make it to our list of primary goals for the Kickstarter, they are included in a stretch goal, and I really hope we get to add them in sooner rather than later. The concept is simple: players will be able to hatch Koura eggs, and then feed it various foods which will affect it in different ways - changing its color and size, and occasionally unlocking special perks or abilities.

From Kathryn's notes:
  • Docile to the point of being a popular exotic pet
  • Colors and patterns vary dramatically
  • Not a particularly clever koura, but smart enough to recognize who feeds them
  • Mouthparts designed for stabbing into plant matter; mostly fruit diet
And one thing I would add to that is - no, it will not pester you with "Hey! Listen!" every 5 minutes while flying around your head...

Be sure to also check out the Wall of Taipii Alpha Testers if you haven't seen it already!

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