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Crowdfunding Update and Magic System Prototype

Sunday, April 28, 2013 7:07pm
Lead Developer
Now that we have announced our intention to crowdfund Antilia, there is a lot of planning that needs to take place to make it a success. The first question being: What crowdfunding service makes the most sense? There are certainly plenty to choose from, but for this particular project only a few of those services are really appropriate. Different services require a different crowdfunding approach, so it makes sense to make this decision first.

To make the long story short, we have decided on using Kickstarter. There are several points that went into this decision, but primary among these was "all or nothing" vs. "keep it all" and the odds of success on each service. Kickstarter has a good reputation for funding projects, and after discussion, we prefer an "all or nothing" campaign. With a "keep it all" and "ongoing" campaign - there isn't as strong a sense of scope or goals. By going with an "all or nothing" campaign, we can set specific goals that we will communicate clearly, and backers can be assured that we have the resources we need to deliver for them. By choosing Kickstarter, we simply maximize our chances for success.

With our service selected, we can start to plan out the campaign details... scope, promotional materials & videos, backer rewards, public reach, etc. In my next post, we'll take a look at project scope - exactly what is and isn't included in the scope of this kickstarter.

Magic System Prototype

With nearly any crowdsource system, you need a strong video presentation - something that explains the who, why, what, and how. To illustrate some of our goals, I've started creating prototypes of future gameplay systems. These aren't working systems, but enough to illustrate how these systems might look and work in the final product. This week, I focused on the proposed magic system... which looks something like this:

Holding a magic crystal or device in each hand, the player will be able to 'draw' magic weaves into the 3D world. Different patterns will behave in different ways. For example the thin orange fire lines burn up from one end to the other with a running flame effect, like a spark traveling up a line of gunpowder, damaging enemies along the way.

Naturally, we're thinking of using these weaves beyond just combat as well - with players drawing weaves onto magical items or using magical weaves as part of a crafting task. Players will also be able to create their own magical devices - complete with customizable weave patterns.

As for the Magic Vision described in Antilia's lore - magic vision now becomes a gameplay element - allowing players to see the weaves of other players and creatures - and then unravel or work together to create more complex magics together.

Enemy Concept Art

Kathryn has also been busy, conceptualizing and illustrating new enemies and flora for Kasau and areas across Antilia. This is one of her recent submissions - a koura that can hover via a balloon of explosive gas. I picture these hanging out in places like the tangled land... shooting at those who pass beneath, and exploding in chains if attacked with a fire arrow or magic.

There is a lot of discussion, prototypes, and concept art to come - so stay tuned! The Antilia Kickstarter is on it's way!

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