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April Fools 2013 Screenshots

Tuesday, April 2, 2013 4:48pm
Lead Developer
For those that missed it - the theme of this year's April Fools was an in-game event - "Monohorn Appreciation Day" (or M.A.D. for short). Upon logging in, players found themselves required to wear a "Mandatory Monohorn Awareness Headband" which gave all players monohorns who didn't already have them. Medai was also in Base Camp handing out pamphlets to irritated Taipii survivors.

The dev team had a lot of fun coming up with this, writing the gags, and designing the monohorn band, flags, and pamphlet. For those that missed it, here are a few screenshots taken near the end of the event, and perhaps more will be posted in the forum thread that follows -

Unlike last year's April Fools which simply involved changing a scaling factor, this year's event required not only new content, but improvements to the server and a book reading system. These additions will be ported over and preserved in the 5.7 source code following this years event.

You can also read the Monohorn Awareness Pamphlet that was passed out in-game here!

In addition to Monohorn Awareness, many of you noticed a pair of ships which had wandered into Maulei Bay - likely spotting the campfire there.

As the crew of these ships looked to the shore, they were shocked to discover what appeared to be a Taipii colony consisting entirely of monohorns:

Afraid that they may have discovered some sort of "training camp" - possibly devised by Gynnsaula the Wicked - the ship captains decided it was unsafe to bring their boats ashore. Sadly, they left Maulei Bay without making contact. Hopefully their story will spread, and perhaps someday curious explorers will return to investigate the strange colony of monohorns.

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