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Antilia Gets Combat!

Monday, October 15, 2012 5:09pm
Lead Developer
In this weekend's test release, players for the first time encountered iichii in the swampy Tangled Land - and fought back against them. The addition of combat is another big milestone for Antilia - hot on the heals of our new character meshes and improved crafting system.

While testing this weekend, I noticed myself doing something that, up until now, didn't really happen much in Antilia. I found myself having to make choices. Previously, there the primary in-game choice was "do I want to fish... or do I want to cook?". With the addition of mining, smelting, crafting, and combat, however - there were new decisions to be made, some of them even long-term choices. For the first time as well - I wanted player shops and the option to trade with other players. Hints at the nature of the economy and society were gleamed, and certainly with this test - Antilia got a little deeper.

And it seems everyone loved the lantern bugs. Overall - even with it's ups and downs it was one of my favorite tests to date.

What's Coming Next

Mining, crafting, and combat are still in their early iterations, and will continue to receive improvements and adjustments in the weeks to come. Next though, I'd like to expand our play area. Now that we have combat, I'd like to create some more focused game experiences. In an open area like the terrain, the player gets one experience, but in a closed area, with a clear beginning and end - as well as rest and rewards points along the way, the player gets a different kind of experience. There is a more clearly defined sense of objective. So, my next projects will be adding caverns to explore, and adding collision detection so we can add buildings to the game.

Additionally, I'd like to add the aforementioned player trade and shop systems - and start working on establishing a real in-game economy.

Currently, we are testing a new release each weekend, and I am working as quickly as I can toward a a version that justifies leaving the server online 24/7.

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