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Antilia 5.6.0 Revealed... What Comes Next

Monday, September 10, 2012 7:27pm
Lead Developer
Over Labor Day Weekend, we unveiled our new version of Antilia! Moving past the temporary character meshes and getting all the Taipii bloodlines in-game took some serious effort - and I am very pleased with and proud of how they turned out. The bloodlines were something we decided on very early in Antilia's development - but through the years I've never before been able to realize all of them in-game at once. While it may seem a simple thing - we are a very small team, and creating meshes of this quality and versatility is an important milestone for us and the project.

Before I go on, I'd like to thank my fellow developers for their contributions: Alexander Brooks did a terrific job painting the textures for our new characters and their clothing. Kathryn Crownover provided the nifty illustrations you see in the new character creation system, as well as providing feedback and concept art for the characters while we were working on them. I'd also like to thank our moderator, Jeremii da'Ariiel - who always provides a lot of feedback, and provides a lot of energy and support to the development team.

(Dev Team on a Mountain Top. Sorry, Alex - we'll try to get you in there as well next time we take a group shot like this. Huh.. probably should have faced the other way, so the beautiful landscape was behind us instead of behind the camera.)

Let's Start Growing Antilia!

In the video game community, the metric typically used to measure the potential of a game in development is "hype". With Antilia, I knew it would be a long road, and I didn't want to hype the game too early. Over the past few years, I have learned a lot about game development - and have been proving to myself that I really could create the kind of game I envisioned.

Reflecting on this release... hearing people tell me they spent hours playing with the new character creation system... watching the new characters look around inquisitively... seeing personalities emerge in the NPCs as Torliila pranks the blacksmith by hiding his hammer... watching sunlight twinkle through the trees as the sun rises behind Mount Gajoi - this is it. This is exactly the kind of world I was envisioning, and we still have combat, caverns, cities, and a mountain of skills to add!

I hope that we have impressed you with a glimmer of what Antilia can be, and what we as developers are capable of - without a budget, through our skills and passion alone.

You can help!

For what comes next - we need help from the community! It is at last time to spread the word about Antilia, and start inviting more people to the website. We need hype. I'll be working over the next couple weeks to get Antilia to a point that it can run reliably on as many systems as possible, and getting the server available 24/7... but we really need more players to help test.

What Comes Next

This week I'm working on a release that will hopefully improve performance and stability for players that weren't able to play in the last test. As soon as the major crash issues are sorted out, I'm going to resume work on combat - bringing weapon crafting and enemies in-game as quickly as we can. The foundation of Antilia is in place - now it's time for gameplay!

We're also planning some changes to the skill system. Playing the new release, we've come to the conclusion that leveling each skill individually is a bit too much, and we'd like to make some changes there. We'll try to retain your experience gained in some way so that it rolls over into the new system, but we'd like to focus more on leveling and improving in each discipline instead of individual skills.

And now that the Taipii are in-game, I'd like to start introducing the other two races - the Sakii and the Reisuii. It will be some time before these other races are playable in-game, but I think it is a good time to start talking about them and getting feedback. Each of the races places an important roll in Antilia's balance, and up to now we've only focused on the Taipii - so keep an eye out for those being introduced and discussed soon as well!

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