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New In-Game Friends List, Friend Messages, and Dev Update

Saturday, April 14, 2012 1:52pm
Lead Developer
To accommodate "parties" for the combat system, this week I added a new system to the server that allows players on opposite sides of the world to communicate. This is the "missing link" that has prevented some requested features from being added in the past, and so suddenly those features aren't just possible - in some cases they're easy.

The first of these that I wanted to tackle is the addition of an in-game friends list, which notifies you which of your friends are online, and makes it easy to communicate in the local region, combat parties, friends, and (eventually) clans.

I'm currently adding combat parties now, because when I unveil combat here shortly, I'd like it to have it on a solid foundation for expansion, rather than just having the bare minimum in place.

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