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Development Update

Sunday, February 12, 2012 5:17pm
Lead Developer
With the weekly alpha tests - it's almost been over-communicated what we are working on each week and what the status of the project is... For the sake of those that haven't been able to participate however, I thought I'd give a bit of a run-down as to what we've done recently and what's up next:

Recent Feature Highlights:

A lot of incremental improvements have been made since the beginning of the year, including:
  • Added control over scene complexity and some performance improvements have been made (with more to come).
  • Working Health, Energy, and Food bars - Food can now be consumed, and health/energy regenerate as long as you have food in your 'food' bar.
  • Added a "Bushcraft" discipline with two skills thus far...
  • Added a "Woodworking" discipline and a workstation to use the skills at.
  • Improved the audio framework, and added the framework for live musical instruments.
.... and the big news this week is that we resolved our issues with the server - and successfully ran the server for a full weekend without any crashes.

Development News

Currently, development is split across the week between improvements to mesh editor to facilitate our character improvements, and working on improvements for the weekly tests. Our mesh editor improvements are nearly complete now, and with those done, we'll begin work on the new characters. We're all very excited to see how those turn out, of course. We still plan on including all 5 Taipii bloodlines this time, presented through an all new character creation system with a lot more creation options.

One question that's come up a lot regarding the new characters is of course "will I lose my current character?" The current plan (subject to change) is that rather than destroy all characters, we'll simply flag old characters and if you attempt to play as one, you will be prompted to go through the new character creation process with them. This means that players will be able to keep their existing character names, stats, and inventory while having the opportunity to re-design their character with the full set of bloodlines.

We also have some new musical tracks in the works, as well as some new concept art that will both be of particular interest!

Upcoming Alpha Improvements

I don't specifically plan each alpha release in advance - the improvements for each release are generally discussed and planned while testing the previous release. Still, there are a few things I expect will show up soon, including:
  • Chat system improvements
  • A friends list with online status and private messaging
  • Currency, NPC bartering, and player trading.
  • Unique stats on inventory items (item quality, gear condition, etc.)
  • ...and another in-game contest is being planned with some [i]awesome prizes![/i]
Alpha testing will continue through February on the weekends, and I will continue to announce the dates and new features in the Forums before each test - so stay tuned!

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