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Alpha Testing Update (Server downtime/Development Time)

Thursday, December 1, 2011 11:38am
Lead Developer
It's been close to 24 hours now since we started our first Alpha testing run - and the results have been great! As a developer - you hope for the best and fear for the worst, and the test went a lot smoother than I expected, actually.

When we do hit the 24 hour mark (in about 1 1/2 hours) I'm going to need to take the server down to work on the next release, and I expect that to take a few days. Until we reach the stability levels we are aiming for, it's a bit difficult for me to juggle monitoring the game and server while also making improvements to it.

Over the weekend I'm going to be working on the following things:
  • Improving server stability
  • Improving the inventory, skills, and hotbar windows - these frequently fall 'out of sync' for players
  • Identifying the cause of various client crashes which were reported
  • Investigating the "invisible character" bug that several players encountered
Keep an eye on the forums for future testing days - I expect there will be intermittent testing throughout December while we work out bugs we can't create with just the dev team.

I'd like to thank everyone who participated - we've learned a lot from this first test, and in spite of the issues, I'm quite encouraged that the server was up for as much time as it was. We've saw a total of about 70 characters created so far - and I hope to see you all again the next time we test!

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