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Alpha Testing Begins!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011 2:07pm
Lead Developer
It's here! Alpha testing of Antilia has officially begun!

There is quite a bit to download - so if you'd like to participate in the alpha, click the play link now and you can read the rest of this blog post while it downloads.

Some things are a bit difficult to describe in a blog post, so we created a short video to introduce the initial gameplay features and show you how to use them:

"Design an NPC" Contest Winners

In the final week of November, we ran an impromptu forum contest in which the community was challenged with designing an NPC for the Isle of Kasau. We received a lot of great submissions, and had a lot of fun reading and deciding which ones to add to the gameworld. Here are our winners:
  • First Place: Jirii da' Ariiel - Tangaloor
  • Second Place: Padailau da' Nayr - ShadeSlayerS
  • Third Place: Ramos da' Talikus - EverythingEbil

Server Uptime

Just a brief note on this - It's still too early to determine how many players the server can handle or how stable it is - but it's likely the server will be up and down frequently in the first few weeks of testing.

Ensuring the server is stable is my next top priority, followed by getting the game running on as many PC's as we can.

Big Thanks

And finally - I'd like to give the other developers a big "thank you!" for helping me bring Antilia to alpha:
  • Alexander Brooks - For the amazing meshes and textures that have brought the Isle of Kasau to life!
  • "Jeremii da'Ariiel - For lending a hand with world building, for the frequent design brainstorming sessions, and for always being available for some impromptu testing...
  • "Ravenflight" - For the outstanding concept art, as well as the intro-sequence illustrations which will soon be added to the game.
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