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Lore: A Change in Purpose

Friday, September 28, 2007 5:10pm
Lead Developer
The beginnings of many civilizations are bittersweet. The thorn has been cleared, but the wound still bleeds. Victory is celebrated, and rebuilding begins, but some that survive to see that victory are nevertheless lost.

These were not the Taipii. These were not Aun's people. The Taipii did not build roads or construct buildings. Who were these people? What had happened? Aun had boarded the boats with the other Taipii; he had endured the ocean. But when he arrived on shore, he did not recognize anyone.

Too few at Aun's age had survived the trip. The Taipii had lost their way for many months. At one time, it seemed like ages ago, there was urgency to get... someplace, but then they just forgot,.. and grew afraid. They became wanderers, some even went mad. Where were they going? What was it that was so important to do? Aun strained, but alas, he had forgotten too.

Aun didn't really know why he was standing knee-deep in the ocean. He was an old and broken creature, with neither the courage to embrace this new future, nor to walk into the sea. He didn't recognize anyone here, not even himself. Once a hope for the world, he had lost his footing and become a slave to the currents of Forra. He stared out to sea, and the faintest wisp of memory flashed for Aun before it disappeared back into the darkness in his mind. That was all he needed. One day, before he died, he just may remember what was so important.

"A 'gathering'? What will we gather to do," a skeptical Koro asked of the group.

"Celebrate. Celebrate our escape from darkness and the ocean," responded an enthusiastic Felo.

"What shall we call this 'gathering'?" asked another.

"Mayrufau. Festival. This.. Antilia... gives us hope," came a quiet, unexpected response from the foreman. The foreman had been staring out to sea through the whole conversation, without even participating up to this point.

"And what shall we call this, our village?" the Felo asked eagerly.

A quiet fell over the group at such a question. The foreman returned his gaze to the ocean where he noticed a Lupan, an elder in fact, standing in the ocean staring out to sea.

"Lantros. Lannon da Mynros. Lament for Yesterday."
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