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Initial Alpha Release Shaping Up

Thursday, November 3, 2011 11:58am
Lead Developer
The progression toward alpha testing is moving right along! In October, I set my focus toward tackling some of the tougher issues and improvements that needed attention before alpha, and by the end of the month we had created a much more solid platform for building the larger game upon.

In particular, the server needed some tuning and refinement in the way it handled incoming player packets to ensure smooth response, and getting the server to properly handle the seamless nature of Antilia's world required a bit of re-thinking. By the end of the month, however, these issues seem largely resolved - and the other developers and I are now able to meet in-game, transverse the world, and teleport to and fro without any major issues.

I've also done a bit of optimizing - improving the game's performance up to 4x in some areas - and additional performance tuning will be made into November. With each day, Antilia is looking less like a tech demo, and more like a game.

(The above images are development screenshots.)

New Website Features

In case you missed the mid-month website news, the antilia-game website also received several new 'social' features: mail, friends, social-messaging, and improved user profiles. These features were hinted at last month, and have been well received by the community.

If you haven't created a forum account yet - you'll need to in order to participate in the alpha testing, so why wait? Sign up and start making friends today!

Alpha Release Plans

It is still my goal to begin alpha testing in the month of November, however an exact date has not yet been set. I still have a couple weeks of tuning and testing to do before I can release - and we are working to include a surprise bit of actual gameplay in the initial release as well... so stay tuned - we'll be setting sail to the Isle of Kasau very soon now!

Illustration by Ravenflight

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