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Alpha Release Now In Sight

Monday, October 3, 2011 8:33am
Lead Developer
September's Thirty Days of World Building was a success - taking the Isle of Kasau to a level of detail I had hoped for, but hadn't previously achieved when I started out. In case you have not seen it, I concluded day 30 with a short video, featuring game-play footage from the client:

I'd like to thank again everyone that provided support and feedback on the thread - I literally could not have done it without.

Plans for October

At this point, I have a basic client, a basic server - and some great editors that we've put through their paces building the Isle of Kasua. The obvious question is: What's next?

In October, I am turning my full focus toward bringing Antilia to alpha. This month I will be fixing the remaining known bugs in the client and server, and adding the final "bare minimum" required features. Currently, there's no way to configure the client to run at lower detail levels - and stuck on 'high detail' all the time is likely to prevent the game from running well on a lot of systems. I'll be adding some new menus and utilities to allow players control over such features.

There are also some website improvements I'd really like to get pushed out before we enter alpha testing, but I don't want these to hold up the game. If they're not ready, we can start testing without them.

Alpha Testing

Once the last known bugs are fixed and the server is ready and online - we can begin testing. Once again, I'd like to stress that this is alpha testing (alpha testing comes before beta, and is usually closed to developers only) - Antilia will be nowhere near a complete game at this point.

I plan to begin testing early to mid November. Everyone will be invited to participate. (All you'll need is a forum account, and anyone can sign up.)

Long-Term Outlook

Beyond November, Antilia will continue to improve on a regular basis - small changes being introduced weekly, and larger changes coming monthly. In December, I'm planning some big improvements to the character creation system. Modeling the characters individually was taking too long, and the diversity of the breeds and races wasn't keeping pace with the detail and diversity of the world. We've re-designed the system to give players much greater control over their character, and by the end of December, players should have a lot more customization options.

In 2012, my focus will be on adding all the game systems - taking Antilia from alpha to beta. We'll be adding inventory, equipment, stats, skills, enemies, battle, NPCs, quests... Starting in January Antilia will really begin to take shape as a game - and players will get to experience those additions as they come online each week - so stick around!

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