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Beginning the Client

Monday, January 24, 2011 12:17pm
Lead Developer
As I stated in my previous post, in 2011 my resolution is to build a working game client and begin testing. I started the month out with a few loose ends that I simply had to tie off in the mesh editor - but with those issues resolved I'm into the thick of game development again. Harrah!

Because this is an mmorpg, there are a few functional bits that are required before I can get have players running and battling enemies across the terrain. Players need to log on to the server, as well as create and select characters to play as. My current aim is to see that those bits are completely out of the way by the end of the month. If the screen-shots told the whole tale, it may seem that I'm done already:

This is a development screenshot, and should not be taken for how the game will appear at launch. Full Image

There is, however, still some server-side work that needs to be finished and 100% reliable before the character create and select screens can be crossed off - fortunately we're not talking a lot of work. I fully expect to be working on the "in-game" within a few more days of development.

This is a development screenshot, and should not be taken for how the game will appear at launch. Full Image

Of course, the interface will see change as the project progresses - the create character screen especially, it will have to change as more features and options are added to the game. I haven't talked about my plans for Toi as much lately - I consider it a separate project altogether now - but I did do a lot of design work on it this month, all of which should have positive impacts on Antilia and it's volunteer system. I'll discuss those more in depth when the changes take place, but I don't expect that to happen before 2nd quarter.

A note about testing - If you are interested in testing, there is no need to contact me at this time. Not only is there still a healthy bit of development yet ahead before testing can begin, but I will also need to establish some external systems for tracking bugs and the like. At any rate, I will announce it here on the blog when I'm looking for testers, and we'll go from there.

I fully expect that with the next blog post, we'll be seeing shots from in-game again.
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