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The Year in Review

Friday, December 24, 2010 5:59am
Lead Developer
The year 2010 was good for Antilia. I had just resumed work on the project in October of 2009, and at the beginning of the year I was still working on the Toi engine - restoring and enhancing it so that it would once again be a lightweight and easy-to-use game engine.

By far the most significant accomplishments for the year is the new Mesh Editor, which should solve the single biggest problem encountered in the development of the previous demo - establishing a solid content creation pipeline. Another success in 2010 was the introduction of the volunteer website, and I'd like to thank again the volunteers who have participated this year in creating concept art, meshes, and sharing their feedback. I have designed the game's editors with volunteers in mind, and I am planning some improvements to the volunteer system next year.

As I close out the year, I've spent the past couple months fitting into place the final pieces of the Mesh Editor - Rigging and Animation. While there are still enhancements and performance improvements that could be made to the editor, I'm very near the point where it gets the job done well enough that I need to start focusing my attention elsewhere.

Here's a shot of that final piece - the animation tab - in action:

I have a resolution for the new year - that in 2011 Antilia will see a working game client. It will be humble at first, starting with basic movement and chat in the 3D world, and then each month I'll schedule and release new content and enhancements for it. It is my aim to get the community involved in testing it as soon as possible. Antilia has some great custom tools and a good foundation set - I'm ready to see it start to come together now, and the sooner the better.

Well, I'm off to enjoy the holidays, and I hope you all enjoy them as well. See you in 2011!
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