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New Roleplaying Section - A Call for Players!

Friday, September 17, 2010 11:19am
Lead Developer
As you can see in the main menu, I've added a roleplaying section to the website. To kick things off, I'm starting an official canon roleplay group, listed as "Secrets in Chalei", and I'm putting out a call for players. You can join the fun by creating your character here (when accepting characters).

Some notes when creating your character:
  • You cannot edit your character - only the GM can - so please take your time and get it looking as good as possible before submitting - changes you want you'll have to ask the GM for.
  • Please provide only ONE word for your name - your birthplace and the names of your parents (optional in the family field) will determine your full name. If you provide a two-word name, I'll just truncate it to the first name. (So "Kim Lightfoot" would become "Kim da'Ariiel" or such.
  • For information that is missing or outside the context of canon, the I'll do my best to preserve the 'spirit' of the character while aligning it to the canon.
For now, please do not create more than one character - I may allow multiple characters per account later, but for now I want to give as many as possible the opportunity to play.

After you create a character, it won't immediately be available for play - it will go into a queue for the Game Master to finalize and approve. If your character doesn't appear right away, don't fret or resubmit - chances are I just haven't been able to work on it yet. Once approved, the GM will introduce you into the scene at the first opportunity.

Hope to see you there!
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