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June Developments

Wednesday, July 7, 2010 11:30am
Lead Developer
I haven't quite completed the final milestone for the Mesh Editor - there is still work to be done on the animation system - so I'm not ready to declare another milestone completed just yet. Honestly, I needed a bit of a change from programming after getting so much done in May; so I spent the first couple weeks in June brainstorming and documenting the gameplay and game systems. I've been putting those ideas before the volunteers, and getting some good feedback on them.

As I am primarily a programmer, it's easiest for me to measure progress on the programming front. At times this can leave me with a bit of a false impression of progress. When I told one of my colleagues that last month I spent 2 weeks "thinking on the project instead of working on it", he replied simply "thinking on the project is working on it." Indeed, I can't very well expect to implement an original, balanced, and entertaining game if I don't spend the proper amount of time planning.

Early test of Rigging and Animation features in the Mesh Editor.

One thing I've been considering the past few weeks (emphisis on considering) is the addition of an official canon role-play session. I surely need to document more of the gameworld, and an official canon roleplay may be a neat means to do that. Such a roleplay would explore the real world of Antilia, and could even make use of some of the same gameplay mechanisms, providing me with a small 'preview' of their potential. The pace would be slower than the current non-canon RP, and would be focused on adventure through clearly defined objectives (dungeon crawling, etc). I'm still deciding if I can make the time commitment to work as the game master - but if you're interested be sure to let me know in the forums.
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