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May's Milestones Reached

Friday, June 4, 2010 1:01pm
Lead Developer
A little belated - but it's time for another development update!

In May, progress continued on the mesh editor. The modeling portion had a few more loose ends to tie up, but the majority of the time was spend working on paint & texture features. These new tools allow volunteers and myself to paint directly onto the 3D mesh, with support for a variety of brush techniques, tablet pressure sensitivity, and of course - layers.

One feature of particular interest among the new painting tools is the addition of texture and color "schemes". With just a few clicks, any mesh can be given dozens of color and texture variations, right in the editor. Being able to quickly create variations in this way will make it easier to direct the use of light & color across the world of Forra.

Testing mesh editor features with a quick mock-up of a Jidou head.

Having spent nearly all of my free time working on this for the past two months, I'm taking a week away from the code to catch up on other areas of the project that haven't had my full attention in a while. I'll been doing some fresh world and game design, as well as planning to ensure the project stays on course.

The break will be short lived, however. Next week I'll be back to work on the final set of features for the mesh editor, and the milestone for June - animation.
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