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Opening the Floodgates

Tuesday, December 8, 2009 6:55am
Lead Developer
After struggling with the ocean rendering for the past week, last night I had a bit of a breakthrough and within about two hours everything fell into place.

In addition to the water, I also set up the Antilia Volunteers Site this week, and I have been slowly populating it with notes and documentation. Already our volunteers have been providing good feedback. There's not a lot for volunteers to do until I am able to upload more documentation, but the tools are getting close to the point where world-building can begin. Then things will get interesting. If you have time and skills you're willing to lend to the project, it's easy to sign up!

Moving on, I'll be working on an exporter for my modeling software so we can (finally) see some new objects on that terrain, and also some more technical work to make objects appear/disappear from appropriate distances (to save memory and rendering time).
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