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Toi Lives!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009 10:42am
Lead Developer
This week got off to a bit of a slow start, shuffling through code and trying to plan my next month. Sunday I made a brilliant discovery though - I found an old 'in-between' version of the original Toi source where I had begun my enhancements to the thread and resource systems.

This find will save me tons of time, as I no longer have to port the tool framework and tools I need from Toi to my new codebase - I just have to back-port a few more changes I made in my new codebase into the old Toi (which isn't even a priority, seeing as how everything basically does work as-is), and I'm done. I'll lose out on a few code features, but again, I can back-port some of those newer enhancements as need be.

I did have to spend a few days sorting out odds and ends that were causing crashes or preventing previous features from working right, but with just a couple days work, I've restored full functionality to many of the old editors.

Next up I'll be porting a new terrain system I wrote to run on Toi. This new system offers a lot of advantages - 1) terrains are of unspecified size, meaning I can grow the terrain in any direction indefinitely, 2) it's a "paged" (the nearest terrain loads in the background as you move around) system, where as the current Toi terrain is small enough it loads all at once, 3) it has an awesome 'distant terrain' system allowing players to see mountains and features from ridiculously far distances away. Porting it and creating some editing tools shouldn't take too long, although there are some challenges to overcome editing paged terrain.

Image of the Week

Now that I have some working tools (albeit with the old terrain), I figure I can go ahead and post a few teaser images each week of whatever I'm working on. As I gain more tools and more media to work with, these should get better and better.

Here's a quick scene I threw together in about 2 hours while testing the old world editor and considering if the terrain editing features were robust enough for my the next terrain system. I threw in a Vulan and some eye-watering bloom for good measure. :)

Larger Image
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