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Winding Up the Gears Again

Thursday, November 5, 2009 9:05am
Lead Developer
Well, as my previous post (and the return of suggested, I'm back to work on Antilia. As I've said before, Antilia has become a sort of 'defining characteristic' of my personality, so it was inevitable that I would resume work on it.

I won't go into details right now as to why the project was put on the shelf for a year and a half. Doing so has allowed me to take a step back, re-evaluate what did and didn't work with the project, and of course come up with some great new ideas.

Moving forward, I'd really like to open things up to the community more. In the past, out of fear of flip-flopping, over-promising, and general paranoia - I feel the Antilia project was just too secretive. There were a lot of really cool ideas and stories that never made it through the public-relations firewall, and I think that's a shame because I always felt like the game I was working on and the game everyone was imagining were two different things. This time, I'd much rather throw out a few spoilers if it means bringing us all onto the same page.

The past week has been spent mostly just planning and rethinking how I want to approach this project. I had even started a video blog I intended to include with this post (hence the delay), but after recording it all and starting to piece it together, I quickly realized that my rambling about content pipelines in front of a whiteboard for 10 minutes didn't exactly make for very interesting content. I'll continue to experiment on this front, as I still have hopes that it could help increase transparency and get us all on the same page.

At any rate, the plan as of right now is to get together a world editor by porting some of the original Toi editors onto an improved Toi framework, and start building the gameworld and content. Rather than build yet another game client, and then have very little content for it, I'm going to flip things on edge this time - by creating as much content as I can first, and then bringing it to life. This way will also make it easier to communicate just what the game is, and how it will feel.
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