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Development: Careful Research

Monday, March 3, 2008 6:26am
Lead Developer
After careful consideration, I decided to dedicate much of my time this week to research. That is the technical way of saying "I played video games most of the week". It wasn't a complete waste of time, however - it has inspired some new thinking on the systems I'm currently working on (in this case, the terrain, sky, and weather systems), and indeed playing games is an important activity while making them. Obviously, getting a new computer played a big part in this - few modern games ran well on my 5 year old system.

When I wasn't exploring the open wilderness of Tamriel, etc., I did manage to squeeze in some time for Antilia development this week. The first item, a straightforward port of the tree rendering and generation systems from Toi, was completed early in the week. The second item wasn't previously a part of this iteration, but was something I added in consideration that I'd like to start showing screenshots soon: putting together a presentable terrain (without an editor). You'll notice in spite of this addition, the total work item hours for the iteration have gone down. This is because the item I originally planned on working on this week had to be moved to iteration 3, as there is no good way to implement it prior to items already set in iteration 3.

Development Log - Iteration 2
This WeekCumulative
Actual Work Hours:1174
Work Item Hours:1254 of 84 (64%)
Work Items:213 of 16 (81%)

Next up: Ocean and sky rendering. Once these items are in place, I'll include screenshots in my weekly posts.
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