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Development: It's a Big World In There

Monday, February 11, 2008 2:18pm
Lead Developer
This week was good for development. I worked almost entirely on a new terrain system - changes required to the existing codebase were minimal and very specific. The new terrain is up and rendering, and although it still needs to have a few kinks worked out, has thus far demonstrated itself as pretty robust. I don't have a screenshot of it, but I'll try to take one before I resume development for the archive. Considering how early it is in development, and the lack of any real terrain dataset, its a bit of an ugly duckling right now.

For those that pay attention to the status numbers, you'll notice the total number of expected work hours for this iteration has been reduced. Having more than 80 work hours in an iteration makes me nervous, and in the case of this iteration I identified a few items that could be delayed until after the initial test release.

Development Log - Iteration 2
This WeekCumulative
Actual Work Hours:1942
Work Item Hours:2733 of 82 (40%)
Work Items:68 of 15 (53%)

I'll be taking this next week 'off' from Antilia development - I'm engaged in some project management training, and might have a visitor at the end of the week - so I don't plan on a blog post next week unless I get more than a few hours to work on Antilia.
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