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Development: The First of Many

Monday, January 28, 2008 4:48pm
Lead Developer
I imagine there are very few lone developers that actually engage in planning and tracking their projects to the detail that I do - it's certainly it's not for everyone. For myself, the extra effort pays off each and every time I cross off a work item from my list. I'm not just aimlessly programming all my evenings away - I'm making measurable progress. Last night, crossing off item 72 felt especially good - it marks the end of iteration 1 and completes the foundation from which I will build Antilia.

There's not a whole lot of interesting things to discuss this week. The engine and gui primarily worked last week, and this week was spent rewriting various parts of the engine that didn't fit my long-term needs. One thing that is very surprising is how close my time estimate was - these estimates are made with an expected deviation of +/- 50%. In the next iteration, there are a lot fewer items, and most of them have real potential to require double or triple the time estimate. We'll see how that goes.

Development Log - Iteration 1
This WeekCumulative
Actual Work Hours:1154
Work Item Hours:1951 of 51 (100%)
Work Items:1272 of 72 (100%)

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