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Server Improvements - Check

Sunday, July 31, 2011 1:37pm
Lead Developer
I prefer to make these blog posts as visual as I can - Antilia is a visual game, and effort is put into making Antilia visually appealing. The big accomplishment this month, however, involves the game server - and the server just doesn't make a compelling visual impression. Visually, the server little more than a console window which displays a rolling activity log.

So, without getting bogged down in technical details, I will simply say that the server is now vastly improved from what it was when I announced the need for these changes in April. At that time, the server was only a temporary solution designed to handle a few players... now it is designed in a way that should theoretically scale quite well. In April I also announced the long-term goal of starting a public alpha test - as of this week, the server is now geared for that task, and we are a big step forward in reaching that goal.

Before alpha testing can begin, though, there are a few other areas that still need attention. The game client doesn't require any major changes, but there is a known crash bug that needs to be fixed, and there are a few basic features that are still missing - such as control over the graphic detail. My next focus, however, will be improving our content development tools and process. Alex has been producing some beautiful meshes and textures with the editor, but there are a few things that can be addressed to make content tasks easier, and perhaps faster. I don't want to spend more than a couple weeks on these improvements, but some of them are required as a result of the server changes - so the timing is good.

New Vulan Character Design

As for the non-technical stuff - Alex has re-textured the Vulan female character (which has appeared flat-textured for some time now) - so we now have two bloodlines completed and working in the development client.

(This is a development screenshot, and should not be taken for how the game will appear at launch.)

Hopefully whatever has her looking surprised isn't something that will require the use of that magically enhanced bow...
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