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Moving Right Along on New Server and Editors

Saturday, February 20, 2010 8:15pm
Lead Developer
Antilia is still marching forward. A few months ago I took Antilia's development about as far as it would go with the old Toi engine, and have been porting over the relevant systems to an upgraded version of Toi I built some time ago. As mentioned here and there on the forums, my focus now is entirely on porting and rounding-out the tools, which will allow the volunteers and myself to start creating some real content for the game. Unlike the Toi toolset, which was designed for single-player games, the Antilia Editor can communicate changes directly to the server.

The Toi terrain tool ported to the Antilia Editor

Another big development is the creation of a new server core, which was a primary focus in January. Servers tend to produce lousy screen-shots, which left me a bit dry for material to make a blog post out of, but now that things have become visual again with the tools, I'll be sure to get into the habit of posting here regularly.

Later this week, I'll describe some of the game's lore, and provide a peak at some of the terrific work our volunteer concept artists have produced.
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