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Roadmap to the Fishing Alpha

Saturday, March 23, 2019 5:24pm
Lead Developer
Hello everyone!

It's been too long since I posted a news update here, so this week I'm going to be giving Antilia's website and social media accounts some extra attention. For any who are not aware, currently our YouTube channel and Discord server are the best places to get the latest development news for Antilia. (See the home page for a link to the Discord server.)

One thing that is difficult to convey through the videos are the long-term plans for Antilia. Video is good for displaying new features recently added to the game, but I've found the website works better for bullet lists of tasks and future features. Things will likely change along the way, but here is a roadmap of development I expect to do in 2019:

Current Tasks

The next set of tasks I'd like to take on revolve around improvements to coordination and testing within the development team.
  • Antilia Launcher - I'd like to update/adapt the launcher we built for the MMO so that we can use it to distribute the game again. This will make it easier to keep everyone on the latest version and avoid the large file packages that are becoming a bit painful to upload.

  • Task & Bug Repository - We don't have a good process right now for tracking tasks and known bugs, so setting up a bug tracker would help organize development and communication as we move forward to more testing.

  • Lore Tracker - While working on the website I'd also like to set up a wiki (or something similar) to better organize and share the world's lore.

Next Game Play Tasks

Once we are better set up for testing within the development I will begin working on the "featured" activities for the upcoming alpha - the fishing. This will include fishing with a rod and reel, character progression in those skills, and some new mechanics in the form of trap fishing.

Beyond that we will be nearing the end of the list of game systems I plan to include in this alpha. I'd like to see a few NPC interactions in place - such as a fishing shop NPC and having Torliila keep track of the day's best catches.

((Recently I've been working on creating core game mechanics that are responsive to the game's environment and have an affect on the world.))

Adding More Game Content

Quite some time ago before the launch of the MMO I set aside one month where i would create and upload new meshes and content for Antilia every day as part of "30 Days of World Building". Before launching the Fishing Alpha I'd like to do something similar, although this time I expect we may need more than 30 days. We have quite a bit of existing content to update or import into the game, and several of the islands still need detail passes in the Landscape Tool.

Additional content should include:
  • Day/Night Cycle - The time of day will be relevant to when some fish are available, so we'll need to have the sky animated again.

  • Basic Weathers - Similar to Day/Night, I'd like to have a few fish that respond to the weather as an extra challenge.

  • Lots of Fish - For the fishing alpha I plan to include as many fish and sea creatures as we have time for.

  • NPC Characters & Temporary Villages - The Northern Isles includes several small villages, which I'd like to indicate with the buildings and/or tents we have already.

  • NPC Transport Between Islands - As we won't have boats in the game yet we'll need a few NPCs that can teleport the player between the islands.

  • Wildlife - I insist on getting iconic creatures including the Jidou simulated in the game once again!

This is by no means an exhaustive list. We will continue adding scenery details, plants, and creatures throughout development.

((Last month's challenges were in getting equipment to work and adding some graphical features.))

The Transition to Alpha Testing

As the items above are completed I'd like to begin the move toward testing with the aid of Antilia's community again. This will be a gradual process - starting with the developers and moderators and inviting more of the community to download the alpha demo as we gain confidence that there aren't any major issues.

Like the MMO I expect the early versions to contain bugs and suffer from some performance bottlenecks and un-optimized code. I have a plan for improving performance that I'll put into action as needed.

The Antilia Fishing Alpha Release

I may be getting a tad ahead of myself in announcing this now - so I'll add a disclaimer that this may change as we get closer to testing. These are our current plans for how Antilia will be distributed.

There will be two "distributions" of Antilia - the demo and the full game. The primary distinction between these two is that the demo will be free, but will not include mod support or multiplayer, and won't include all of the content from the full game.

As we near the release of the Fishing alpha I'll confirm more details as I can, including how we will test each of these distributions and how we'll set up test servers for multiplayer. As we're no longer targeting an MMO there will be a limited amount of space on the test servers.

Beyond the Fishing Alpha

There is of course a very long list of features we'd like to add to Antilia as we continue to expand it, but as this post has gotten a bit lengthy. So I will just reiterate what's already been announced: Once the Fishing Alpha is stable we continue working on Antilia with improvements to the character meshes, options, and animations, and we are planning the introduction of a crafting system for clothing.

I expect this to be an exciting year for Antilia's development, so I hope you'll stay tuned as we continue to make progress!

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Character Creation Demo Now Available!

Saturday, September 29, 2018 3:09pm
Lead Developer
The Antilia Character Creation Demo is now available for download!

Please note that this is still a work in progress. We have plans for improving our meshes and animations, and will be expanding and refining the character creation options over time based on feedback from the community.

If you'd like to give it a try head over to the Downloads section and grab the installer!

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Video: Antilia Update for May 2018 (Version 0.4)

Friday, May 4, 2018 7:49pm
Lead Developer
This month we completed Antilia version 0.4, with a focus on implementing and expanding the character creation system! The system allows for new color and combinations that were not previously possible, as demonstrated in the video.

If you haven't been following Antilia on YouTube, I've made a regular habit of uploading a new video each week. Here are some additional videos from this month which you may have missed:

Finally there was also a video for Antilia version 0.3 which never received a proper blog post. For the sake of completeness, here is the April 2018 update video as well:

Antilia is really moving along now, and in May I'll be working on rendering buildings and getting the building editor to work. Stay tuned!

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Video: Antilia Update for March 2018 (Version 0.2)

Thursday, March 15, 2018 5:05pm
Lead Developer
I've posted a video update on the state of Antilia, our first internal test version, and more details on the inventory system!

Video on YouTube

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Antilia's Inventory System and Project Goals for 2018

Monday, January 1, 2018 3:52pm
Lead Developer
Happy new year, everyone!

As is my custom, I'd like to start off the new year with a bit of reflection on Antilia's development in 2017. I'd like to present a few decisions that have been made, and my goals for 2018. But first, and in order to set the tone for the new year, I'd like to present our first game system designed and built for the Antilia sandbox RPG.

Antilia's Inventory System

To start, let me say that it was an absolute joy to work on this inventory system and finally see it become a reality. I worked late into the evening hours numerous times while building this, not because of time pressure but because it was just so much fun. I have been planning improvements to Antilia's inventory for several years now, and I am both delighted by and proud of the result.

((Full resolution image available here!))

Some highlights of the new design:
  • The inventory is fully 3D rendered - I expect players to continue filling their inventories with uniquely designed items in Antilia, and unlike static icons the 3D rendered inventory makes it easy to identify crafted items.

  • The inventory can be expanded - Players will find items to expand their inventories across Forra including chests, crates, weapon racks, and mannequins for clothing and armor.

  • The inventory can be customized - Expansion sets can be collected, applied, and removed. I want to encourage the player to experiment with different arrangements and tune the layout to their play style or task.

  • Manage Items in Groups - Groups of items can be moved around by dragging the group's container. Equipping an outfit will be as simple as dragging a mannequin from your inventory or a wardrobe and dropping it on the character.

  • Inventory slots of different sizes - This will create new challenges and decisions for players, and allow us to better tune the game's balance. It also makes it easier to recognize items such as fishing poles and spears when they are given an appropriately shaped space.

  • The inventory is responsive and interactive - As you hover over items they respond by jumping out of the slot and rotating as the information pop-up appears. While moving items the slots will be color-coded to indicate where an item can and cannot fit.

This is the first of several game system redesigns I have scheduled in 2018, so stay tuned!

A Retrospective on 2017

Unlike the year before, 2017 was a very busy year for Antilia's development. Hundreds of hours were spent on design work, brainstorming game systems, and writing up a 60-page initial draft of our game design document. Across a dozen additional documents we have been collecting, organizing, and distilling all our ideas for Antilia’s lore and gameplay. Dozens of whiteboards were filled with task lists that were then slowly crossed off. Many of those tasks were of a technical nature that wouldn't make for good blog post but needed to be completed, such as synchronizing and caching scene data between client and server.

A large amount of development time in 2017 was spent in the development of content tools for Toi Studio, something for which I have mixed feelings. On one hand we built the Landscape Tool, which will be required for our small development team to have a chance at building the varied environments of Forra. On the other hand it took until October to get the Landscape Tool working. I had planned several tools in my goals for 2017 based on editors we built previously for the Antilia MMO, but clearly I did not appreciate the amount of development effort re-creating and improving the old tools would take. To have all the editors and features I want in Toi Studio will take not only take longer than I had hoped, but longer than is practical.

Appreciating now that this is the case, I've made the decision to exclusively prioritize my development effort on Antilia this year. Plans for porting and improving editors including the Mesh Editor will be shelved, and instead content will have to be built using pre-existing software wherever possible. I fear I have let Antilia's following down by holding too strong an opinion toward products such as Blender based on my initial bad experience, and I am going to change this behavior. It may also disappoint some who had hoped to use the Toi Studio tools for modding, but in the future I want to develop custom tools for Antilia only when there are no immediate alternatives.

Goals for Antilia in 2018

For 2018 I'm only setting one goal: To build fun, quality game systems for Antilia like the new inventory and get the community testing them.

Many thanks again to the wonderful people who continue to follow and support our project, and I wish you all a good year in 2018!

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