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About Antilia

The Continent of Antilia

Antilia is a large continent in the southern hemisphere of Forra, where the majority of the game takes place.

Points of Interest

Alenfay (Taipii City)

Alenfay is a small village best known for its wines and vineyards. Located in a wide valley, the village is split into the West Side - home to local residents, and the East Side - which is primarily commercial.

Climate: Warm year-round, with frequent precipitation.

Exports: Wine, Herbs & Spices, Metals & Chemicals

Ariiel (Taipii City)

Ariiel is known as the "City of Celebration", known for having a festival for every day of the year. Although Ariiel is well known for having a carnival atmosphere and eccentric artistic styles, hints of its shadowy past still lurk in the alleys.

Climate: Hot and humid with summer monsoons.

Exports: Sysal seeds, Arts

Chalei (Taipii City)

Chalei is the second largest Taipii city, and home to the powerful center of magic education, the Sans au'Sul. Surrounded by desert and the Fayn Sires mountains, Chalei was built around a lake, and in addition to Sans au'Sul, is known for strong metalwork and unique style.

Climate: Hot and dry, with very little rain.

Exports: Metalworks, Brick and Stone, Textiles

Lantros (Taipii City)

Lantros was the first city founded by the Taipii upon their arrival to Antilia. Lantros is the seat of the Kisan Monarchy, and is the only city that operates primarily under their rule. While some of the original structures built in Lantros still exist, the age of the city is reflected in a variety of architectural styles and districts in the city, including a still-used tent district, a windmill district, and the palace district.

Climate: Fair to cold, windy with frequent storms.

Exports: Silk, Ink & Paper, Food

Lynnar (Taipii City)

Lynnar is perched high on a rocky coastline above the Lynnar Sea. Lynnar is the largest Taipii city, and home of the Taipii Council, a democratic government established by the Lupan gods. Lynnar is a well designed city, featuring a small lake and market district at its core. Numerous gardens filled with joisan trees prevent the city from feeling crowded, and the magnificent Lei Soufau is second only to the Sans au'Sul in architecture.

Climate: Fair, frequent storms.

Exports: Furniture, Pottery, Metalwork

Nayr (Taipii City)

Nayr is a small farming town in the rich northern fields of Antilia. After the establishment of Ariiel, early Taipii farmers found success along the Alenfay road north of the Fayn Sires. As the road grew crowded with farms, a river inlet was discovered in Ariiel bay, and as farms grew along the river, Nayr was established.

Climate: Hot and humid with frequent rainfall.

Exports: Food

Talikus (Taipii City)

Talikus is known for its pleasant climate and beautiful location. Originally established by sailors en route between Lantros and Ariiel as a safe haven during storms, Talikus Bay captured the imagination of settlers and explorers alike, and quickly grew into a town rich from a constant passing stream of sailors and merchants.

Climate: Warm and sunny, with light rain most days around noon.

Exports: Glass, Glasswork, Books

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