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Roadmap to the Fishing Alpha

One thing that is more difficult to convey through the videos are the long-term plans for Antilia, which I would like to outline in more detail here. Things will likely change a bit along the way, but this post outlines the roadmap I have been following.

Character Creation Demo Now Available!

The Antilia Character Creation Demo is now available for download! We have plans for improving our meshes and animations, and will be expanding and refining the character creation options over time based on feedback from the community. Let us know what you think!

Video: Antilia Update for May 2018 (Version 0.4)

This month we completed Antilia version 0.4, with a focus on implementing and expanding the character creation system!

Video: Antilia Update for March 2018 (Version 0.2)

I've posted a video update on the state of Antilia, version 0.2 our first internal test version, and more details on the inventory system!

Antilia's Inventory System and Project Goals for 2018

As is my custom, I'd like to start off the new year with a bit of reflection on Antilia's development in 2017, present a few decisions that have been made, and my goals for 2018. But first, in order to set the tone for the new year I'd like to present our first game system designed for the Antilia sandbox RPG.

New Antilia Screenshots and Toi Landscape Tool

For this blog post I had decided some time ago that it needed to include new screenshots of Antilia itself and not just our editing tools. It is very exciting to see the hard work put into the development tools begin to yield results that we can view directly in Antilia’s game client. We have not presented new screenshots of Antilia since the MMO, and for the development team this is an exciting milestone.

Welcome to Antilia!

Antilia is a sandbox-style fantasy RPG, featuring a dynamic world simulation and anthropomorphic characters

Antilia is currently in development, and is not ready for download or play at this time.



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